Baby Mason's Story

Mason Andrew was born at 1504 hrs on July 27th, 2012.  He is 19 3/4 inches, had a birth weight of 7lbs 4.7oz and he had a head full of hair.
Happy Maternity Monday All! I finally have time to write up a blog entry on Mason’s birth.

Thursday morning I went to my doctor’s appointment to get my ultrasound and the non-stress test. The ultrasound showed that he was facing my back, which is good for delivery, and he was roughly 6.5 lbs. When the doctor came in to examine me he said I had not progressed at all, but my blood pressure was not too bad. He said that he wanted to try induction again. I asked if I could go home for a little while before I went to the hospital. I wanted to get things ready and I wanted to let Tim work the full day at work. I know that sounds weird, but he does not get a lot of time off and I wanted him to save the time for when Mason was here.

Tim’s mom, Judy, came over and sat with me until it was time to go to the hospital. She took me and sat with me until Tim could get there. I got to the hospital around 4:00 pm and got the first pill inserted for induction at 5:30 pm.
This time I had more of a reaction to the medication. I started feeling small contractions after the second pill. I sent Tim home to sleep that night thinking that it would be the same as before and nothing would happen until morning… I was wrong!
I want into labor around 1:15 am - decided to call Tim at 2:30 because the pain was getting to me and I wanted someone there with me. Tim arrived and the pain got worse. I got a few meds that helped with pain and one that made me loopy. I slept in between contractions (they were 3-5 minutes apart at that point- the loopy meds helped) I could not believe I was able to sleep for 3-5 minute intervals. I convinced Tim to unfold the chair into a bed and get some rest so we both were ready for the potential long day ahead.
Around 9 am I was able to get the epidural. What a great medication that is!!! I felt great after, I ended up getting a boost in the dose because I was feeling contractions after an hour. The extra boost was crazy. I could not feel my legs and it was a weird feeling. I could not even lift my hips.
I was 9cm at 11:30 and then around noon I was just about 10 cm. My mom showed up at noon and I had her come in for a minute to talk to me. I told her it was almost time and she went to the waiting room. (She brought coconut cream pie for Tim & I after – Yum!)

After 2.5 hours of pushing Mason finally made his appearance at 1504 :) I do not know how women do that without the epidural. The pushing was a lot of work by itself; I could not imagine doing it with the pain. What an amazing feeling when they put the baby on you. He came out and he was placed on the blanket on my stomach. It was amazing to see this little one that was growing inside me for the last nine months. Tim could not take his eyes off him. He stood by me rubbing my shoulder and comforting me while they finished up, but he just kept staring at this little guy as they cleaned him and weighed him.
My poor mom was getting worried. Tim did not go out to get her until 4:30 or so. She sat there for almost 5 hours waiting. My aunt did sit with her for a while and was there when Tim went to get her.
What an amazing experience! Here are some of the photos from the few days in the hospital and some Nikki took when she came to meet Mason. He already has his own photographer.


Pregnancy Recap - The Go To Post :)

Wow we are going to be Parents! Eeek! It is a little over-whelming and exciting at the same time. I would not believe it if I had not seen these -

Well after we saw that I needed a good way to announce to our friends that we were expecting so I did this blog entry and posted photos on Facebook.

This page will be my way of tracking my pregnancy, with photos, cravings, and other things.

Please check out some blog posts that have included the baby:

First lets start with a picture:
12 weeks and no change from the other pictures we have taken, so here is the first picture for the page.
At 12 weeks I also got to hear the baby's heartbeat at my appointment and that was an amazing experience

@15 weeks :
Cravings : Chili Cheese Nachos, Milkshakes or Ice Cream Sundaes, Strawberry Poptarts
Feeling? : Occasional Morning Sickness, Nausea, Abdominal Cramps if I move a certain way.
Weight? : 190.2 lbs - gain of 4 lbs so far

@18 weeks:
Cravings : Ice cream Sundaes, Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich, & Jolly Ranchers
Feeling? : occasional cramps when I move a certain way, I am having trouble sleeping comfortably
Weight? : 192.6 - gain of 6lbs so far

@20 weeks:
Cravings : Ice cream waffle cones - Cookie Crumble from Stewart's, Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich, & Jolly Ranchers
Feeling? : occasional cramps when I move a certain way, I am having trouble sleeping comfortably
Weight? : 194.4 - gain of 8lbs so far
My hair feels thicker and like there is a lot more to work with.
I also "popped" this week! I have a definitel bump now!

Week 20 Ultrasound!

Week 21:
We found out we are having a BOY! It is amazing now that we know we are having a son.

@23 weeks:
Cravings : Aussie Cheese Fries!
Feeling? : Sleeping is getting harder, I have to be on my side now and sometimes my back. I have been trying hard to just sleep on my side. I feel "full" or tight in my tummy area.
Weight? : 198.2 - gain of 12.2lbs so far
My hair feels thicker and like there is a lot more to work with. I have a little belly. I can feel the little guy moving all the time now. Tim finally felt him move from the outside yesterday. Tim says he wants OUT! lol.

@25 weeks:
Some Photos :

@26 weeks:
Cravings : Fruity Pebbles - Soft Serve Ice cream
Feeling? : I feel great - I can feel the little guy moving around a lot more now. He is very active and I love feeling all the movement
Weight? : 203.2 - gain of 17.2 lbs so far - Ugh I started tracking my food again.
@28 weeks:
Cravings : Nothing really
Feeling? : I feel great - I am definitely feeling more movement - I love feeling the kicks. I really like that Tim can now feel the baby without much effort
Weight? : 210 - this was at the doctors office fully clothed... take that into consideration

@29 weeks:
Cravings : Aunt Candy's Macaroni Salad - I knew she was making it for my shower so I craved it the entire week prior.
Feeling? : I am still feeling good. I cannot believe I am this far along. I am having a little trouble sleeping because it is tough to get comfy and my hips hurt if I stay in one position too long
Weight? : We will say 210 again - I have not stepped on a scale at home since the appointment
@32 weeks:
Cravings : Water with Lemon / Honey Nut Chex
Feeling? : I am starting to feel pregnant! I am getting uncomfortable and definitely noticing that I cannot do everything I used to. I am still walking and I did a 5k on Saturday :) That felt good! I am also having a lot more heartburn - not a great deal but at least once or twice a day.
Weight? : We will say 215lbs AHHHHH - That was at my last appointment 2 weeks ago. We will see what the scale at my appointment this week says

@33 weeks:
Cravings : Water with Lemon
Feeling? :I am feeling great for the most part. It is getting harder to breathe and sleep comfortably.
Weight? : Do we have to talk about this? I was 222LBS at the doctors at my last appointment :( That is more than I weighed when I started losing weight - EEEK

@34 weeks:
Cravings : Ranch Burgers & Pasta Salad
Feeling? : I feel great still... I am sick this week so it is even harder to breathe. I am also having times where I get really nauseous. I had the same thing in the beginning of the pregnancy before I knew I was pregnant.
Weight? : Same as last next appointment is this week. I do not weigh myself at home anymore

Pregnancy Progression...

@35 weeks:
Cravings : Ice Water
Feeling? : I feel good still. I can still get down on the ground to help people in the field with EMS.
Weight? : 221.0 lbs
@36 weeks:
Cravings : Nothing really...
Feeling? : Depressing week this week. I am starting to really feel pregnant and I am uncomfortable. I am not sleeping well and I can never get comfortable.
Weight? : 221.0
@37 weeks:
Cravings : Fruity Pebbles :)
Feeling? : Oh dear the swelling! I no longer have ankles :( My calves are swollen at times too. My lower back is really starting to hurt :/
Weight? : 225 lbs
@38 weeks:
Cravings : Aussie Cheese Fries :)
Feeling? : I feel ok now... just unable to do a lot of things now because of the limited mobility and the bump that seems to be in the way. I definitely have swelling in the ankles
Weight? : 225 lbs - no change from last week.
Appoitnment: My appointment on July 12th was odd. I had a blood pressure of 124/82 and the doctor did not like that it was borderline high so she wanted me to do a non-stress test. I had heard of that test but did not know what it involved. I was nervous waiting in the waiting room for my turn. I ended up on the machine for 5-10 minutes longer than I was supposed to because Baby Z would not stop moving and the nurse said she could not unhook during a movement. That test turned out well. As I mentioned before I also had to have an ultrasound on Friday the 13th. I do not have the results yet and it is Tuesday, but I am going with the thought of "no news is good news" from the doctor's office.

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