Clean Pup

I just noticed I have hit 12,000 page views for my blog! That is quite the number and I still have a month left before my one year blogaversary... (sp? word?)
Something very important was done yesterday...
The car seat was installed and ready to go! I also got a call from Toys R Us that the extra base is in. Tim's truck will get the installation next week hopefully. Like the clown? My aunt made it for Baby Z. She makes a clown for all new babies in the family. I wanted the car seat behind the driver's seat, but it would not fit. Next car I get needs to have the back seat that moves back and forth.
I did manage to give Nutmeg a bath yesterday afternoon. She was fine for the first few minutes and then she figured out what I was doing and got a little antsy. She smells much better now and it only took her a little while to dry because it was pretty hot out last night. Speaking of hot pups... Look what I found in the frozen dessert section
The price was not the greated for 4 treats, so I will be looking for a coupon. Maybe Nutmeg will get a frozen treat one day. I have also seen some recipes to make yours own. I may have to try one - recipe not treat ;)
I did not get my walk in last night, which was a bummer. Something is up with my cable box and tv! It had a message that would not get off of the screen. It said something was wrong with the HDMI cable and it not being connected or something. I could not find anything wrong with it. I will have to find 5 minutes this weekend and try to figure it out.
Last night's dinner was late, but it sure was yummy :) We had the corn I got at the farm stand and it was delicious. Much better than the corn I bought at Target last week. I love this time of year when you can get fresh veggies and fruit! I cannot wait for my garden to get to the point where I can start picking stuff. For dinner we also had chicken from the grill and a potato packet.

Potato Packet:
4 Small Potatoes sliced
5 Scallions chopped
Garlic Salt (sprinkle)
Rosemary (sprinkle)
Drizzle of EVOO

I put is all in a Ziploc Bag and mixed it up. I did not plan on it, but it sat in the refrigerator overnight.

When I was ready to make the potatoes I put them in foil packet. I then put the packet on the grill about 10 minutes before I put the chicken on.
Tim said he liked it better when I use actual onions, he is not a big fan of the scallions. They were fresh from the neighbor's garden (no I did not steal them) - that is why I used those instead of onions.

I am at work today until 8 o'clock and then back here for another 12 hour day tomorrow - 6a-6p. Couple of long days... :/


Middle Name

What is in a middle name? We think we have decided on a first name, but everytime I bring up the middle name I get the same answer... "waitforit". Yup you read that right! He wants the little guy's middle name to be waitforit... why you ask?

Well his favorite show featured that middle name on their season finale. Now I cannot get a straight answer from him when I start talking about middle names. This will be interesting in the hospital!
Yesterday was a good day! I got a great walk in on the treadmill. I have been having trouble just getting to 2.5 miles. I could change my incline from 7% to something lower, but I just cannot get myself to do it. I pushed myself last night and walked 3.3 miles. I was feeling great after! I even had energy left to clean out my car - vacuum and do the windows.
After work I went to a local farm stand and got some summer squash (YUMMY) and some corn on the cob. I was craving fried squash and was definitely satisfied with my selection. I could not believe that farm stands have this stuff already. It was a little pricey, but worth it. Tim was late from work last night so we did not end up having the potatoes and chicken I had prepared, but I will share them tomorrow. That is on the menu tonight. I am also planning on giving Nutters a bath after my walk.


Baby Z's Room

FINALLY! I have put a post together for the nursery. I wanted to do a jungle animals theme, but not go overboard. We got the bedding set and the 3 jungle photos for the wall to match. I took some of the photos a week ago and then took some more last night. The color is shown better in the daytime photos. I love how it turned out. The yellow/gold is not too bright, but it is just enough for the room.

 The toy chest is Tim's, he says that it is his chest and not for the baby. We will see... we currently use it for our sweaters and it is in the room for the cat now. She likes to stare out the window.
 The glider/recliner was a gift from Tim's parents. It is so comfy and I cannot wait to use it with the baby. We use it now just to sit in.
The crib was a gift from my mom and I love it. I like the look and the color and I got it for a great price at JCPenney.
 You will recognize some stuff from the maternity photos. The lighted flower arrangement was a gift from my hair dresser/family friend. It is amazing. It gives just enough light at night for me to feed the baby without completely blinding us and keeping the room calm.
 The photos in the frames are still the same ones that came in it from the store. We are waiting for photos to put in there. We want to put some maternity photos and newborn photos in them.

 The changing table is great! I got a few baskets for onesies, burp clothes, and other assorted items.

 The shelves are great! I love that they fit perfectly in the closet and allow me to use them for storage. Most of the books on the shelf are ones from my childhood. I plan on putting clothes on there at some point too. We do not have a dresser in the room and do not plan on getting one until the glider is no longer needed in there. The fire truck on the bottom is something Tim bought for his little guy. It will be a while before it is played with, but I thought it was adorable : )
Isn't the Giraffe cute? Tim named him Jeffrey. My maternity clothes are also in this closet. I wanted to keep them separate from the rest of my clothes.

There is Baby Z's room :) I am so happy that it is done and ready for his arrival.


That Kind of Day

It is just one of those days for me... I feel down and not very energetic. I finally talked myself into getting on the treadmill, but I was only on it for 10 minutes. I had some pain and it was unbearable. I was disappointed I did not get a full walk in, but I guess 10 minutes is better than nothing. I just feel ready to be done being pregnant today. I just started feeling pregnant a couple weeks ago, but I am just not feeling it today. I just want to be able to do things without restrictions or this tummy in the way. I have this huge want to go away for a weekend before Baby Z arrives, but it won't happen. I really wanted to do a "babymoon", but Tim does not seem to get hints dropped or me saying I want to go away. We are going to miss our Maine vacation this year because it is the week of the due date and I cannot be that far from home at that point. I did not sleep very well last night because I could not get comfortable. I am just having a rough day and want to go back to bed and restart.
The good part about last night was that Tim came home from being away for 5 days. I really do not like being home alone, I get bored easily. nutmeg sat on the deck for ab hour after she ate dinner just watching. I think she was waiting for Tim to get home. She knows that he is usually home shortly after she eats. A few times on Sunday and yesterday she went to the top of the basement stairs and whined. I think she wanted Tim to come home - maybe not, but she did seem to be acting strange last night.
Here is another photo from last night -
On the left is from the front of the house and the right is from the back of the house. It looked like we were going to get a big storm, but we just got some wind. It was amazing to me that one side could be sunny and blue and the other side look a little scary.
I mentioned on Friday I was taking my god daughter to see a movie. We went to see Brave in 3D.

It was a good movie, I did not see much of a difference with the 3D. The story was good and it had a good message. It was definitely different than other Disney Princess movies which is good for kids. Sadie really liked it and was happy that we went to see that movie.
Before the movie I went to Bon-Ton to look at the sleepwear. I have been looking for a camisole with a robe for the hospital and home after Baby Z is born. Everything I have seen has been way too expensive! I could not find anything under $40 and I did not really want to spend that much. I ended up finding something for $19.99 and I got a pleasant surprise at the register...
Oops I cannot get it to stand up, but you can see the savings. I could not believe it was regularly $62 and I got it for $17.50!


Maternity Monday - 35 Weeks

How far along: 35 weeks 3 days
How big is the baby: Baby Z weighs around 5.8 pounds and is about 18 inches from head to heel. The bump says he is about the size of a Coconut now. I remember thinking an orange or a lemon were pretty big at weeks 14 and 15 - a coconut is amazing
Total weight gain: At my appointment last Tuesday I weight 221.0 lbs - that is a 1 pound loss from the last appointment. I felt great : ) - My blood pressure was good too. I have been worried with my weight gain that my blood pressure would go back up to where it was.
Sleep: I have been doing pretty well sleeping through the night. I get up around 5 to go to the bathroom but that is better than 2 I guess. It is getting harder to get comfortable though.
Maternity Clothes: I would like to say THANK GOD for maternity clothes. You can be having an awful body day and because you have those clothes that fit and look good you feel much better! I love that I have a selection of clothes that help me feel better about how I look. 
Best moments of the week: Still being able to get down on the ground to help a patient in the field - AND getting back up on my own! I was impressed with myself. The little guy is moving like crazy lately so just feeling him is pretty amazing too.
Symptoms: Walking is getting harder for me. I get on the treadmill and after 10 minutes I am winded. I do not know if it is because of the humidity and my cold or because I am getting bigger. I am also feeling nauseous lately, my midwife said that this is normal because of the size of my stomach right now.
Exercise: I am trying to walk for at least 30 minutes plus now... I used to push myself for 45 minutes and 2.5 miles but with the way my breathing has been I have just been happy if I make it to 3o minutes.
Movement: Lots of movement
Gender: Boy
What I’m looking forward to: Getting to hold the little guy. I feel like we are as prepared as we are going to be. This is all new to us, so I will never feel fully prepared. I still have to pack my hospital bag and get the car seat installed, but those are on my list of things to do this week.
What I miss: I still feel like I had all of this energy before and it is slowly dying out.
Next Appointment: July 6th - After that appointment I start going every week. This is nuts that we have gotten this close!
I put this on the pregnancy page last week, but here is a little progression collage... No wonder I am starting to feel pregnant!


Scavenger Hunt Sunday 6-24-12

I will admit this week was harder than last week... I had a tough time trying to figure out what to do.

Here are my interpretations of the words this week :)

I really like this photo Tim's aunt sent us for the nursery. I chose this photo for "warped" because I thought that some might view the colors used as a warped interpretation of a real giraffe. This photo is great for the nursery because the theme is jungle animals.

Concentric Circle
I will admit that I had to Google "concentric circles" just like Ashley had to. After learning what it meant, I could not figure out what to use for the photo. Then I was on my exercise ball and realized it was full of concentric circles! I have been using this tool more with my pregnancy because it has been said to help with labor and getting your body ready.

I had no clue what to do for this photo. I decided to use a picture I took last weekend of my husband. He is wearing his "turnout gear" for the fire house. I almost got my EMS gear out and took a picture, but I liked the idea of the gear actually on for the photo. This was a farm truck fire we went to when we were on our way to run some errands. Our plans were put on hold for a little while, but how can I get upset when he is volunteering for his community?

This might be the photo that stumped me the most! I took this picture while grocery shopping because I could not think of anything else. I love glazed donuts, but I never have them in my house or near me. I do not want to eat the whole box! eek
I was going to use a picture of a box of white cake mix and a box of chocolate cake mix because those two together make marble cake. Yum. Then I remembered this photo I took yesterday and decided to use it. I was at my aunt's house after my grandfather's burial and a storm was coming in. The sky was amazing and I think it looked kind of marbled.
Until next week... I have noticed that I have made a note for each Scavenger Hunt Sunday on my iPhone so I always have the list with me.


I Am Amazed!

Whew it is hot out there! Today the temp is only supposed to reach the high 80s instead of the high 90s but it is still hot out there. I put Nutmeg in our bedroom again today with water and the ac set on 75 with a fan. I do not want to freeze her just give her a cool space for the day. She did well yesterday - meaning she did not eat anything or spill her water bowl. That would be a successful day in my book!

Tim is out of town for a few days, so I had to find a replacement for him to go to the breastfeeding class with me. It was last night. Terry, a close family friend, went with me. I was the only one there with someone other than my husband, there was one girl there alone. It was a very informational class. I definitely learned more about the process and what I might go through.
The most interesting thing I learned had to do with the baby and when he first comes into this world. They place the baby on your chest and he will go through stages - opening his eyes, looking at you, and then he will start to wiggle his way to the left breast for food. They think it is the left side because that is where the mom's heartbeat is. This is amazing to me - nature is an interesting
I also find it amazing that the female body can make different types of milk for the growing baby. The colostrum in the beginning has the nutrients and such for a newborn and then the transitional milkd has the nutrients and vitamins that a growing newborn needs. Then there is the mature milk with the foremilk and the hindmilk. The foremilk satisfy the baby's thirst while the hindmilk satisfy the hungry. This is crazy! I cannot believe that our bodies are capable of all of this. It is amazing.
Some interesting facts on breast feeding I found on Pinterest:
Pinned Image
If you are pregnant or have a new one Lucie's List is great! I signed up for the newsletter and it is amazing how she picks and chooses which topics to send depending on how far along you are. She has lots of information and I have definitely benefitted from it.

Tonight I am picking up my 10 y/o god daughter after work and we are going to have a girls night. We are going to dinner and then a movie. I am hoping she wants to see Brave in 3D. I have never seen a 3D movie before and I am looking forward to it. It is either Brave or Madagascar 3, but I think I want to see Brave more. I just found a good movie review for the movie, so I really want to see it. She is spending the night and then we have to go to my grandfather's burial in the morning. Hopefully it is nice out tomorrow and I can figure out a way to hang out by a pool for the afternoon. Have a great weekend all!


Quarterly Top 5 Photos

This month I have really tried to boost my camera skills and I have decided to participate in another Ashley Sisk task.... I take lots of pictures of our animals and I am sure the next quarterly top 5 will feature Baby Z.

I chose this photo because this is a typical night in our house. I am not able to get on the floor anymore because of the growing tummy, but Tim loves getting down and spending time with Nutmeg. Scribbles has started to join in the fun too.
 Awww - Nutmeg again. This was on a nice sunny day in May and we were enjoying time outside at Tim's brother's house. She was playing with his two gold retreivers. She looks so innocent in this photo!
I took this photo while getting read for work one morning. I do not think this is fair. I have to get out of bed, shower, get ready, and go to work and these two get to lounge around. Everytime I find them like this I am in awe of how they can be wrestling one minute and then snuggling together the next.
This is the first adventure for Scribbles outside. I have been nervous to let her outside because we do live on a busy road, but we are pretty far from the road. I have been leaving the screen door downstairs ajar lately and she goes out and lays on the cool concrete or she will lay under one of the bushes and lounge. She does not venture too far from the house - Tim thinks she likes human interaction too much to go too far.
This is a photo taken right after we put the crib together for Baby Z's room. You would have thought they both ran a marathon. They were done for the night. Both Nutmeg and Tim were laying on the floor and I was not sure if either of them were awake when I took the picture.

It was hard to choose just 5 photos to use. It is amazing how many photos I actually take.

Hope you enjoyed :)


Instagram Afternoon

I found out this afternoon that today is National Vanilla Milkshake Day! I love vanilla milkshakes :) A co-worker was nice enough to bring me in a delicious milkshake at the end of my shift... He is a good guy :)
On my way home I looked at the temperature gauge and could not believe what I saw!
 I had a nice little surprise when I got home... Tim was already home. He has to work at 3 tomorrow morning so he go out early today. He is having a bad week and I wish I could fix it, but I am just trying to be as supportive as I can. He was getting the kiddy pool out when I got home. We filled it up and Nutmeg was loving it! She got right in and walked around the pool for a while. Tim and I sat next to the pool and played with her.
I have been drinking lots of these today! I am trying to stay hydrated in this weather. I did not get my walk in, which is probably a good thing - I would not have been able to breathe or walk very far with this humid air.
I am now located in the bedroom with the air conditioner on. This is better than trying to cool the whole house and running two air conditioners. Have a great night all!
I also updated the Pregnancy Page with a progression picture :) Check it out