Veggie Garden & Feeling HUGE!

What a productive day I had today! I am impressed with all I accomplished. I woke up at 9 and it felt great to be able to sleep in past 7:30. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to get started with my day. I had a cup of Special K with bananas :) Yummy. After breakfast I got on the treadmill and walked for an hour - 3.2 miles, 7% incline. I did 3 miles at 3.3 mph and the last .2 miles at 2.7 for my "cooldown."
After my walk I swept the family room in the basement. I have been slacking so it was crazy how much dust and animal hair there was in my pile - eek! I need to keep up a schedule for that. After the basement was clean I decided to go check out the garden.

The beans are growing like crazy :)

The peas are getting there...

I planted a couple more squash seeds because only a few sprouted

I will have to get a better picture of the cucumbers, but there are some sprouts mixed in with the weeds

I am also growing broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, scallions, and peppers. I cannot wait to have all of these fresh veggies :) I love my garden and I am definitely glad Tim added onto it for me this year.
After looking at the garden and watering it, I got my ipod ready, my sunglasses on, and got on the lawn mower. I know I have said this before, but I love mowing the lawn :) It is an hour of just me and the mower. I get to listen to music - no phone, so distractions. It feels like "me" time.
By the time I was done with the lawn it was time to shower and get ready for work.
I am feeling HUGE lately. I know that the little guy is growing, but I just feel uncomfortable and ready for this pregnancy to be done. I feel guilty for feeling that way, but I am ready to get my body back and sleep on my tummy! I am probably just getting bigger, but geesh this is getting a little much. I still have 8 weeks left! Ugh. I will admit that I have probably not been eating the best either. I am ashamed that I have not been behaving with my eating habits. I have been getting fruit in my diet, but ice cream seems to be my downfall lately. I am going to try my hardest to control my cravings and watch what I eat. It is definitely a struggle! Wish me luck, please...


What a Storm We Had

Yesterday at work we kept getting tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings - we were getting ready for a storm. I left at four and the storm had not hit yet - phew. I will be honest, I was glad I was going home before it got busy at work. I got home saw the sky was getting dark and decided to get on the treadmill before it started to rain and the chance of losing power existed. So I was walking along and at about 1.3 miles there was a little power glitched and the treadmill stopped and started in a matter of a second and I almost tripped... It is comical now, but it definitely scared the crap out of me. That did not matter though I guess because I kept walking until the second power glitch. Well that is when I decided that walking any farther with the storm coming was feasible.
I went upstairs to start closing windows and such. When I saw the skyline I grabbed my camera and went out on the back porch to get pictures.
Apparently when I went outside Scribbles followed me... I did not see her. I went around the house after the rain started an closed the windows. While doing that I heard the cat meowing and making all sorts of weird noises. I went to the back porch thinking she was out there but turns out she was in the flower garden outside. At this point the wind is crazy and it was a torrential downpour! I was getting soaked on the screened in porch trying to get her to come to the door but she wanted no part of leaving her hiding spot under a bush. After 10 minutes of heavy rain it let up enough for me to run out there and grab her. She was soaked and dripping wet. She was so upset she let me hold her in a towel to dry her for a good 15 minutes. Nutmeg was helping too - she kept licking her trying to clean her off.

Poor thing - I bet she won't do that again.
Tim and I finished up the exctiting thing we started on Saturday - which I will share at some point. We just want Tim's mom to see first before I put it on here. We went to O'Toole's in Queensbury for dinner and it was delicious :) I love that place - the food and the atmosphere are great. After we got home we just relaxed the rest of the night.
Tim playing with the kids


What a Beautiful Weekend!

We could not have been luckier here in Upstate NY this weekend. The weather was perfect. It was sunny and in the 80s all three days :) I notice that my mood is so much better when the sun is shining!
Friday night I walked with Tim's mom while he and his father fixed a septic problem we were having... oh the joys of home ownership. I have been wanting to walk this bike trail near our house so that is where we went. It was a five minute drive and the was was great. We parked in a parking area and started off on the trail. I tried to track is with the MAP my walk App  on my iPhone, but I am not sure it was accurate. We walked for 45 minutes to an hour and then decided to turn around. It was a nice trail with little traffic. I would definitely walk it again, I know there is an ice cream spot along the way now so maybe that will be an incentive to walk it again ;)

Saturday was spent doing some yard work in the morning. I also had to get some pictures of my chives. They are crazy this year and there was a bumble bee hanging out on one of the flowers. We trimmed some trees so I could fit under them better when mowing the lawn and we raked some of the mowed grass. The grass is growing so fast this year with all the rain we were having, it needed to be raked before I tried mowing over it again.
Tim and I also did something exciting on Saturday afternoon, but I will share that soon... I promise this week at some point. We did got for Ice Cream at The Ice Cream Man in Greenwich - Yummy! It is a popular ice cream spot in the county that was featured on Bob Flay's Throwdown. The ice cream was delicious.
After Ice Cream we went to a little fire at Tim's Brother's house. I love summer! It does not get too cold so you have to be inside as soon as the sun goes down.
Sunday was Nutmeg's Birthday! We do not really have an exact date because we adopted her, but we say it is the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.
She has definitely grown since we first got her three years ago. We pampered her Sunday :) We played outside with her and gave her some treats. When we left the house to go to Tim's parents and then to a parade we took her with us. I could not see leaving her home alone on her birthday. She was good all day and definitely enjoyed riding in the truck.

Tim and I were in the Middletown Springs VT parade with the ambulance on Sunday afternoon. It is a nice parade. We have done it the last few years.

Today was a leisurely day for us... We did another parade this morning and then we came home and worked around the house. I planted some more summer squash because I did not have very many seeds grow in the last couple weeks. Tim was a nice guy and put a screen door on the basement door so I could let more air in and more light during the day.
Scribbles also was loving the nice weather so we let her roam around the yard for a little while. We thought we lost her and looked for 15 minutes trying to find her until she popped up in one of the windows in the house. How did she get back in there?

I am back at work after an enjoyable weekend off. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you to all the service members out there past and present.

[A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. -Joseph Campbell]



Last night after weeks of asking Tim we finally put the crib together :) After my walk on the treadmill I decided my cool down would be carrying the pieces of the crib one by one up the stairs to the Baby's room. I got a stair workout in doing it so I was happy. I was surprised that I still had energy last night after getting up at 3 yesterday morning but I was fine. Tim could not believe that I was wide awake and he was exhausted. I told him it was because I walked on the treadmill.

After dinner and after we spent some time outside it was time to put the crib together... We had an obstacle along the way -

Yea I am getting the "look"
I cannot imagine how she found that comfortable but she would not get off the pieces we were trying to put together. It was easy to put together once we figured out which set of directions to use - for some reason it came with three sets of directions - they were all different too! We went with the directions that had "revised" marked on top.

I love the look of the crib, it feels great that that room is finally coming together. I fell less anxiety about having everything ready. I like that we are getting things prepared at a leisurely pace.
Today I went to lunch with a friend. I wanted to have lunch on Lake George at The Boardwalk, but they were not open yet - apparently nothing is open in Lake George Village yet. Geesh! I was craving their salad too. We figured we would at least go down to the water, we did put $1.50 in the parking meter.
I had Terry take my 30/31 weeks picture while we were down there. I am feeling more and more pregnant every week. I definitely feel like I am running out of room in there. I still feel great though - I am even thinking about walking a 5k on June 2nd. I do it every year and I do not want to miss this year.


Yummy Muffins :)

What an early Tuesday this was. I was up at 3:00 to be to work by 3:45. I am working a twelve hour shift today. It is almost over... less than four hours to go.
I got a good walk in last night after work. I walked on the treadmill - I did 2.5 miles at 3.4 mph. I really do feel great after walking. It is amazing how just a little exercise will boost your energy and your mood.

I wanted to make dinner on the grill last night. I turned the grill on put the potato and onion foil packet on the grill and went to take my post walk shower. I went to put the chicken on the grill when I was done and the grill was not warm :( We were out of propane! I was bummed, but I put the foil packet in the oven and Tim got out the George Foreman Grill for the chicken. Dinner was delicious, but I really wanted a grill dinner... At least we got to eat outside for the first time this year. I also had some sad looking bananas on the counter so I decided to make some banana muffins. I made half with chocolate chips for Tim and half without for me.

Last night we also put some of the baby stuff together :)
I hope this goes a little slower when there is a baby in it - high speed was crazy!

I love this stroller - I love the color and I like the Jogging stroller

Tim decided to put the cat in the box - he did not think she would get out, but she did
I am hoping we get to the crib tonight. Tim keeps telling me "tomorrow night" so we will see how it goes tonight...


Busy Weekend

What a B-E-A-Utiful weekend here in upstate NY :) I was so happy to see sunshine for the whole weekend. It was in the high 70's on Saturday and then in the 80's on Sunday.

Friday Night
I was making dinner and noticed that Nutmeg was up on the hill in the back barking at something and she was not giving up. I decided to walk out there and see what she was zoned in on. From what I saw it looked like a pile of brown grass in the middle of the field behind our property. I did not want to go over to it until Tim got home just in case it was something living. Tim got home approximately 25 minutes later and we went to the hill and I could not believe it, but the pile of dead grass was gone! I started searching the field for the object... I wanted to find it to see what it was. I eventually did find it about 50 feet from where I saw it originally.
Tim took a picture of him or her - it was the biggest turtle we have ever seen! We did not want to get too close, but this thing was massive!

Saturday was the town wide yard sale in my hometown. I met my mother-in-law in the morning and we started on our walk around. I was not looking for anything specific, but if a good deal popped up I wanted to take advantage of it. I did see a bouncer seat that I liked. They are $50 or so in stores and the house that was selling it was a nice house and it looked clean. I sent Tim over there to see if it was still there after thinking about it. I told him if it was there to get it if they wanted less than $15 for it... Well they wanted $5 for the bouncer and now it is in our basement.
It even matches our theme :)
After walking for 3 hours we decided it was time for lunch. I mentioned wanting to have lunch on a patio somewhere. It was a beautiful day and I did not want to sit inside. The guys did not want to go to lunch so we went to see what Judy's sister was doing. She was up for lunch, so we set out to find a place with outdoor seating. We ended up in Lake Bomoseen at The Lake House. What a nice set up they have there!
You have to walk down stairs to get to the outdoor seating area but the view was nice while walking down.
We sat down at a table right next to the water. This was our view from our table:

While we were eating the baby chicks came to say hello.
Sunday was definitely a day of rest for us. We did not accomplish anything. We went to pick up Nutmeg from Tim's parents' house and played with them for a while. I watered my Pumpkins and Zuchinni I have planted near their tree line. I have sprouts coming up already!

When we got home the only thing we accomplished there was watering the flowers and the garden. I just planted my flower pots Friday so I did not want them to die already.
We then went to the basement where it was nice and cool to watch some DVR shows. Who saw the 2 hour Season Finale of Criminal Minds? That was a good one.
I walked six out of the seven days last week and it felt like a great accoomplishment! I took Sunday as a day of rest, but at least I was out and about for most of the day. I also have a new craving and I don't think it could get any healthier.
Ice water with lemon! I was craving it while in Price Chopper Friday and I am still craving it :) I bought a few lemons and have been enjoying them... I could have worse cravings.
What Season Finale do you think was the best this year? What were your favorites? NCIS had a really good season finale, Once Upon a Time & Criminal Minds was good as well. We still have a few to watch.