Feeling Down

What a crappy weekend for me.... I have been feeling very crabby and down the past few days. I have also been inclined to eat anything in sight. I am not even sure if I am hungry, but I feel like I have to have "that" to eat when I see something yummy. I need to get myself in check with this! I really do not want to gain a bunch more weight. I have already gained more than I wanted. This can definitely bring the mood down :/

With the crabbiness I have been trying to keep it to myself. I do not want to be "one of those pregnant girls" that is crabby and bitchy throughout her pregnancy. I have felt great up until a few days ago. I was only getting into these moods once in a while and now I feel like I am stuck in a rut. Yesterday I painted my toenails and I was exhausted after because it was so hard to bend to reach them. I am only 27 weeks! Why do I feel like a tub tub now?
I did manage to get them painted though - that is a plus
The one thing that is bugging me that I know really should not bug me, but it does is my baby shower. I am the type of person that feel bad when people do stuff for me. I have been good with the shower and not asked too many questions and let others plan it, but I wanted to be there to help set up so I did not feel like I was taking advantage of people. I know that they are doing it out of love and because they want to, but this is just how I feel when others do things. I was told that I could not help and I am down about that. Why? Good question. I am afraid that if I do not help do something I will feel bad during the whole shower. I wonder where this comes from? I have always been like this. I feel like I do not deserve all of this and I should have to help.

What a downer post huh? Geesh

Here is a picture of me last night after an almost meltdown because I could not find something to wear that I felt looked good.
I may be smiling there for the picture, but I was a mess before this. I am really trying to enjoy this pregnancy, but I am starting to get uncomfortable. My hips hurt when I am sleeping because I am sleeping on my side. My ear on the side I am sleeping on hurts because I do not move much during the night. It is hard to get comfortable and then when I do I have to go to the bathroom. I got up three times last night for a bathroom run.

I must say that I do feel better after getting those feeling out and expressed. Thanks for reading! I promise the next post will not be so mopey (word? who knows)


It is Friday Again...

I would love to join the club and say "Thank God it is Friday", but today is like my Monday. I just realized this morning that after signing up for an open shift tomorrow I do not have a day off until next Friday now. Well I guess I will TGIF next week. Next week begins my month of weekends off :) I definitely have something to look forward to.
I just updated the Pregnancy page so feel free to check that out. The little guy has been very active this morning. It is amazing to feel him in there moving around. I am in awe of my body's ability to grow a little one. I also love seeing my tummy move to the movement.
Yesterday I got a call saying that the crib would not be delivered until next Friday instead of today, but that is ok because we do not start painting the nursery until the end of May. I am anxious to get it all together, but this will give me something to look forward to!
Today and yesterday I have been craving Celery and Peanut Butter. I had some yesterday and I am thinking about making myself a snack in a little while. I am also loving bananas and strawberries right now. I have been able to find delicious strawberries in the grocery store which is great. There are times when you cannot find good strawberries in the stores.
This morning I finally finished organizing my photos on my computer. I read an article in a magazine recently (I cannot remember which one) that said you should put your photos in labeled folders and get rid of photos you do not love or see yourself ever printing or using. It took me almost 5 days, but it is done. All of my photos were in dated folders (either when they were taken or when I took them off the camera) and I made folders such as Animals, Tim&I, Vacations, Baby, Wedding, etc. I am so happy to have all my photos in certain spots now and I got to look at all the photos again.
After I finished that I made cupcakes for my co-workers because one of them has a birthday on Sunday :)
I had to include a photo in the post :)
How many photos do you take that you actually use? I chose the best photos to keep and got rid of the blurry, the not so good, & the accidental photos. I usually take a whole bunch of photos of the animals to get a couple good ones.


27 Weeks - Pregnancy Quiz

I saw this pregnancy quiz on another blog and decided to give it a try...

How far along are you? 27 weeks (tomorrow)

Total weight gain/loss: I have gained 17 lbs so far and if you check out this blog entry you will see my last appointment did not go so well.

Maternity clothes? Yes - I am also wearing jeans from the beginning of my weight loss journey. They button and make me feel a little better, I am not a fan of the weird elastic waste jeans and I do not have to buy extra maternity clothes

Stretch marks? None that I can see yet

Sleep: I MISS MY TUMMY! I am having trouble sleeping on my side, I wake up and my ear will hurt or my hip hurts. I also keep waking up on my back. I just want to sleep on my stomach for 1 night...
Best moment this week: Just feeling Baby Z move so much is amazing. I love when he is kicking and moving. I am in awe of what my body is doing. We also got the paint for the nursery this past week and now I am excited to see it on the walls in the next month or so.
Movement: He has been moving around like crazy the last few days - Tim finally got to feel him kicking a few times the other night. We even watched my tummy move a few times with the little guy moving around.

Food cravings: Ice Cream - Fruity Pebbles  not mixed

Gender: Male

Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In, but I have noticed it coming out little by little

What I miss: See Above - Sleeping on my tummy! With the warm weather we are having now I also miss margaritas and frozen drinks :)

What I am looking forward to: I am actually looking forward to getting back on track with the weight loss once the baby is here. It was almost like I became addicted to losing weight every week - not out of control, but it made me feel great. I also liked fitting into smaller clothes every few months.

Other Updates: I have my gestational diabetes test next week and I am a little nervous because I do not know what to expect really. The nursery will be painted in the next month. The crib should be here on Friday! I am excited to see it finally! I cannot believe how time it flying by.


Weigh-In & Cupcake Recipe

Well after a week of tracking and only a few slip ups, I weighed in at 203.8 which is .6 more than last Monday. I think this is pretty good considering I have a growing soccer playing in me. I could have been a little better with some of the choices I made, but I feel like I definitely got more fruits and veggies into my diet and was thinking more about the food I was eating.

I ended up walking 12 miles last week as well and I felt great after walking those 4 days. Exercise really does give you more energy and it makes you feel accomplished and good about yourself.

I am going to keep tracking and watching what I eat and hopefully it will make a difference. I am also going to request not to see the doctor that I saw at my last OB appointment. He really put me into a depressing mood and I was not impressed by his method of talking to me. 

I wanted to share a yummy recipe with you all today. Remember these?

Yes with the tubby monkey that looks like he is clapping his hands
I found this recipe while flipping through my April issue of All You Magazine. I really like this magazine. It has great recipes in it, coupons, and advice on how to save money. The recipe was actually in an add for Jell-O.

1 package white cake mix
1/4 cup dry Jello-O Lemon flavor gelatin (1/2 of a 3oz package)
1/4 cup dry Jello-O Lime flavor gelatin (1/2 of a 3oz package)
1/4 cup dry Jello-O Strawberry flavor gelatin (1/2 of a 3oz package)

1 can of vanilla frosting or homemade butter cream

Prepare the cake batter as directed then divide into 3 bowls

Stir in the different Jell-O flavors into each bowl. Then spoon the flavors into the paper cups. I had enough for 24 cupcakes.

Bake as directed on package and let cool completely. (18-20 minutes @ 350 degrees)
Frost the cupcakes & ENJOY!

**Recipe is copied from the advertisement in the magazine - not an original recipe

 Have a wonderful Monday!


My Personality

I recently read a blog entry from Colleen at The Lunch Box Diaries about her personality. It is a questionnaire she got from another blog. I figured I would give it a shot as well. I found the questions interesting and I thought it might me fun to fill it out.
10 Questions About My Personality
1. When a cashier in the checkout line at the grocery store is being a grump for no reason, how do you typically react?
I just ignore them. It is difficult to get through the transaction when the other person is being rude or grumpy. Seriously people you are a reflection of the company and/or you will reflect on the experience a customer has. If you are grumpy it may deter the customer from coming to the business again. Fake the smile!

2. Are you the type that likes going out with your girlfriends or staying in?
I enjoy staying in most of the time. If there is an event planned or someone wants to go to dinner I am up for it. I enjoy the occasional night out but not all the time. Take for example this week - We had a busy week and I could not wait for this morning to come and tomorrow night as well... we have nothing planned but hanging out at home.

3. Do you sob and get emotional watching romance movies?
- It depends on the movie. I did get a little teary eyed during The Vow. Now that I think about it the answer would be Yes... I get teary eyed a lot during movies. Especially romance movies.

4. What stresses you out the most?
- Worrying about things I do not know about. Currently I stress about giving birth and being able to take care of a child. I like to know what to expect and having a child is definitely something that you cannot fully prepare yourself for.

5. What do you think people think of you?
- This is a tough question... I would like to think people see me as a person with a good heart and one that cares for others. People may think I talk too much, but I don't care, I like to talk.

6. When you overindulge do you hit the gym to burn it all off, or just accept the indulgence and follow your same routine?
-I try to make myself walk farther on the treadmill. I usually feel awful after over indulging and try to remember that feeling for the next time I feel like stuffing my face.

7. Are you easily annoyed?
-It depends on the mood I am in. I think there are some days the smallest thing can annoy me, but then other days I have patience. I will admit that patience is not my strongest trait.

8. What do you think is your biggest personality flaw?
-Hmmm... this is a tough one... I think I care too much about what people think. I am worried people will not like me or think I am weird. This blog has been a definitely release for me and I am surprised I have been able to be so honest on here. It definitely keeps me accountable.

9. What is one thing you don’t think people see enough of when it comes to your personality?
I often wonder if people see how much I care for others. There are times I will put others before I put myself. Do people appreciate it? I hope people do, I think I am definitely a people pleaser. I do not help people out for the recognition I do it because I care. I just hope people aren't taking advantage of me.

10. Can you feel relaxed in a busy crowd or messy room?
I definitely cannot feel relaxed in a messy room. I like order and neatness. I cannot let the dishes sit in the sink for very long or my bed go unmade. When I was still living with my mom my best friend would call me if she stopped at the house for something and noticed my bed was unmade and make sure I was all right. My bed is always made. I will get side tracked with cleaning a room and lose a whole hour of a day.
Some of those were tough... Geesh
Hope you enjoyed it!


Please Be Specific Next Time

Good Morning All
It is supposed to be in the 70s today and I am liking the fact that it is already warm enough to wear flip-flops and a t-shirt :) The down side is that we are going to get rain Saturday & Sunday, oh well we really need it.
I am awake and ready to go for the day already because I am having breakfast with a friend. I just want to say that I think breakfast is the best meal to eat out :) I will be watching what I eat this morning, but it will still be a nice outing. I plan on coming back home and taking a walk this afternoon. Tim and I have a date night tonight so I am definitely looking forward to that <3

Keep reading to learn about what I did last night....

Back in February I ordered tickets for a Billy Currington Concert, I found seats in the front row of the second section back on the floor. I was excited and though what a great deal for these seats. Well last night we had our tickets in hand - Row 1 Seats 5-8 - we walk into the Civic Center and there are no seats in the floor section. It is just standing. I have been to a few concerts in the past at this venue and the one in Albany and I have never seen standing on the floor. I was a little bummed because we did not get front row, we had to stand on our tippee toes to see well, and we were surrounded by people who thought it was a drunk fest.
I learned something valuable last night - just get actual seat tickets in the section that has a great view! At one point a drunk idiot spilled beer on my foot and then while he was dirty dancing with a girl he just met he steps on my foot. I said something and he tried apologizes but we told him to just move.
Now don't get me wrong I know people come to concerts to have fun and drink, but be respectful of the people around you. There are people that over do it, there is no need to drink so much you don't remember your name.

As far as the concert went it was a good show. Kip Moore was the opening act and he did well. It was tough because we only knew one of the six songs he played.
David Nail was a good performer as well. He had a few songs we knew. He was energetic and interacted with the crowd.

The headliner Billy Currington was entertaining. Most of the songs he sang we knew which makes it easier to sing along and get more into the performance. For his song "Love Me Like My Dog" he brought a dog he said was his out on the stage while he sang the song. That was a nice touch.

It was a good concert, but I wish we had seats. It is amazing how rude and inconsiderate other people are.

Have a GREAT Friday!


Special Thanks & Saturday Activties

Saturday was our last full day in DC and the last day we had to see what we wanted to see. It was also the day with the best weather. It was in the 70's that day and it was beautiful out! We got up around 8:30 this morning because we wanted to make it to the Air & Space Museum and get back to the hotel by noon to meet Glen, a close friend that is currently living in D.C. for a job assignment.

On our walk to the museum, from the Metro station of course, we saw quite a few of the floats that were going to be in the Cherry Blossom Parade.
The sign near this one said it was Javier Colon's float - He won last season of The Voice - I did not see him anywhere though

The Air & Space Museum had just opened so it was not too crowded. My favorite exhibit was the Wright Brothers.

We got back to our Hotel to meet Glen a little after noon but he was fine with waiting a few minutes. We went up to our room to shed some extra layers because it was starting to warm up. Glen had some things for my Father-in-Law, Bill, so this was the perfect time for him to give him his things. He got him a knife that he carried in Vietnam, he put together a shadow box of the medals that he was awarded during his service, there was a disk with the yearbooks from 1969 and 1970 on it, and a few pins, one from the Pentagon I believe. It was a really nice thing to do and I am sure that Bill really appreciated it.

It was great having Glen there to be our Tour Guide for the day. He was full of information and he knew how to use the Metro and what stops we needed to stop at. That was great, we did not have to worry about navigation.
Our first stop of the day was The Pentagon - We wanted to see the 9/11 Memorial. Glen was able to explain what the direction of the benches mean, how they are organized, and he also pointed out where on the building the plane struck that day. It was a powerful place and was definitely a beautiful memorial.

I did not feel comfortable taking a lot of pictures here. I did not get any up close photos. 
We decided to have a mid afternoon lunch after the memorial, so Glen was able to show us a shopping center close by with a few restaurants to choose from. We could not make a decision so he chose one for us.
I had a Chopped Chicken Salad Wrap and it was delicious :) We also got to eat outside which was nice. I enjoy having a meal outside.
Next on the agenda was Arlington Cemetary. Before the entrance to Arlington there was a Sea bees Memorial. Glen took us there because Bill was apart of the Sea Bee when he was in the military.

Now it was time for Arlington.


JFK & Jackie' s grave site

Powerful image... Just the number of stones

Cherry Blossoms! Finally :)

The tomb of the unknown soldier

Changing of the guard


Civil War Unknown Soldier Memorial

Did you know that Crook was the name of Lincoln's bodyguard that was in the bar the night Lincoln was shot? Tim was reading Killing Lincoln last week so he was full of information.

The Lee House

Beautiful View

My hubby again :)
I want to say THANK YOU to Glen for spending time with us and showing us around. It was nice to spend time with him after not seeing him since January. He got to see the baby bump :) I also want to thank him for everything he did for Bill, it was greatly appreciated and I am sure it meant a great deal.