The Big 2-5

Where did the time go? It does not seem possible that I can be turning 25 today. I remember turning 13 and thinking "3 more years until I can drive!" Then there was the anticipation of turning 21, I still remember buying my first alcoholic beverage, it was great :) I want to share pictures, I love photos...

Ashlee through the years...

First year :)

Apparently my aunt used to like doing this with me because it was funny lol

Senior Year

I was 18 here and we had just started dating...

First week of dating :) <3

Almost 7 years later and a baby on the way
There are times I wish I was still living at home with my mom in my old room and the only care I had was school work. But, I look at my life now and I would not trade a thing. I have to say that I have accomplished everything I wanted to by 25. I wanted to be a college graduate, married to the love of my life, own a home, have a stable full-time job, have a dog, and be expecting our first child... Well I wanted to start having children by 26, but this is close enough.

What will I do for my birthday you ask? Well I stayed in bed until 9:30 with Nutmeg and Scribbles, I have already done my 2.5 mile walk and watched last night's episode of Hart of Dixie, and now I am going to get ready for the day. I am having lunch with a good friend at the Olive Garden :) and then I am going to work 4-12. I chose to work tonight because Tim is in Canton for the night for an annual meeting for work.

Tim and I went out yesterday afternoon to look at baby things for the first time. It was fun... He is such a big kid and he thinks that we only need a bottle and a pacifier, no need for anything else. He cracks me up. It was fun to watch him approach things and say "what the hell is this?" I did choose the pack and play I wanted, but I will have to choose the color after we find out the sex of the baby. There are also a few things that I really like and think would be really helpful. I cannot wait to start buying things, but right now we are just enjoying the idea of being parents.


Snowy Monday

Good Morning Everyone! (if anyone reads this lol)

I am sitting here on the couch watching Nutmeg & Scribbles wrestle on the floor. Sometimes I think we wasted our money on a television, we should have gotten a cat and dog years ago ;). Today I will be spending the day with Timothy. He will not be here for the next two days because of work which means he will not be here for my birthday tomorrow :( Bummer but we are going to go out on Friday to celebrate it.

We got snow last night here is upstate NY. It is just a dusting, I cannot believe this is all we have halfway through winter. It is crazy here this year. I can still see the dead grass in my yard, at least the snow would make it look a little nicer.

I stepped on the scale today, I think out of habit, but I saw a gain! Eek. I know I will have to deal with gains being pregnant, but I want to be showing so I feel pregnant. I at at 190.2 which is almost 4 lbs more than what I was at the beginning of this month. Tim says I cannot say I feel fat, I have to say fluffy because I am not fat I am pregnant and there is a difference. He can be so great :)

Have a great day all! I cannot wait for my Birthday tomorrow! I love birthdays :)


Love Handmade Things

I love finding hand made items and using them. I like to stalk Etsy, but usually do not buy much because of my budget. In emails that go around the family it was mentioned that my mom's cousin, Vicki, was doing mosaic pieces and selling them. I found her Facebook page and then I went to her Etsy Shop. Her pieces are great! They are one of a kind.

Check some of this stuff out...




So around Christmas I wanted to give a few people some great gifts and I decided to order some necklaces from Vicki.

This is the necklace I ordered for myself :) -
I already purchased this, so it is no longer in her shop
 I got this one for a friend:
I already purchased this, so it is no longer in her shop
Vicki is really talented and it is pretty cool how she is from a small town and selling this stuff all over the place :)

I am sitting here bored tonight because Tim (there I put his name down, it was getting to hard to just put T) is working late. It really sucks because it is Friday night, but I cannot wait to see him. He has been gone since yesterday morning. Speaking of yesterday... let me show you what I came home to after work last night...
Yup that is right... Big Bird DIED in my room while I was at work. Nutmeg took advantage of the fact that the pillows did not have covers on them because I was washing the sheets. There were feathers EVERYWHERE! Took me half an hour to vacuum it all up. She is just lucky that Tim does not like his down pillow and I had it stashed under the bed.

So after dealing with that I decided I would make some cupcakes for work. Someone did have a birthday yesterday and they wanted to know where the cupcakes were. Nothing fancy this time... no energy.

 So a few people have asked me how I have been feeling and how I am doing. I honestly would not know I was pregnant if I had not heard the heart beat and seen the ultrasound. I feel very lucky so far because it really has not been that difficult. I hope that does not mean it will not be great at the end. I am currently at 189 so that means I have only gained 2 lbs so far, but I will admit my eating has not been the greatest. I really need to start writing down what I am eating again. I am just happy my jeans still fit ;)


Love My Camera and Pictures :)

So before Christmas I found camera strap covers and thought they were a great idea.

I wanted to get one for my maid of honor Christina. The problem? The cost of the ones I found on Etsy were a little too much for my budget. I finally found a tutorial on how to make them. It was great because I went to Joanne Fabrics and got the material and fusible fleece for less than $4 (depending on which material I had and what the sale that week was - I made one for less than $2.50). I did all the prep work, but sadly I cannot sew. I really need to get a sewing machine and learn! I went to a coworker and asked if she would sew them for me. She was great, she has made a few for me and she keeps telling me I need to learn how to sew. I would love to learn this year - sounds like a goal to me.

I gave the first one as a Christmas gift and then when I got my camera I realized I needed one for me. But I could not make a decision with all the fabric choices so I decided to make a few more.
These are the three colors I wanted to choose from... tough choice...

I decided to choose this one :) I really like the pink and green in it
I am going to send the green on to a blogger I follow religiously - Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. She had a blog post today that had her camera in some of the photos and I noticed her camera strap was naked... so I will be sending her something to keep it warm :)

The Black and burgundy one will be going to Nicole Christine! She is a family friend that did our engagement photos....

(ok so I could not just pick one... I love them all!)

and now our baby progress photos. Remember that post from a week or two ago? She did those pictures and these too...

I just saw the time and realized I really need to shower and get ready for a "going away dinner" for a friend! Oops. I am glad I got out of the staff meeting today early enough to get a good walk in!

Question of the Day:

What big goal to you have this year?  I am going to say mine it to learn how to sew... I mean I could say have a baby but that is definitely going to happen :)


Two in One Day!

Yea that is right I am posting twice in one day. I am waiting for T to get home and I figured I would post some animal pictures :) I am also getting really hungry and needed a distraction. I am making Peppercorn/Garlic Pork Chops with Rice Pilaf and it smells GOOD!

So T said that Scribbles is getting a little tubby and I said she was still growing and he says "yea growing out!" He is funny... lol

We had a casualty in the house over the weekend :( He lasted almost a year - that is pretty good for Nutters

Sleeping on the guest bed

Nutmeg loves sirens, whenever a siren goes by the hosue she races for the window - Tonight it was T going to a First Response call - She loved it

Have a great night!

Fun Weekend!

Good Monday Morning All!

I had a very hard time not blogging about my planning experience with the party a friend and I threw this past weekend. We wanted to do something for my mother-in-law, Judy, and her twin sister, Deb. They have a big birthday coming up (26th) and they deserve something special. We decided to throw them a surprise birthday party. They thought it was my birthday party they were going to. So in the last month I was getting criticism for throwing myself a birthday party and having a DJ and such. I could not wait for them to find out that it was really for them.

Friday night was spent setting up the hall for the party. It was fun because of the anticipation. Saturday I did sleep in a little, but once I got up I was running errands and finishing up last minute things. (picking up balloons, meat platters, rolls, etc)

Here are some of the pictures from the night ;)

The picture that went on the invites and around the room ;)

What a great cake! Good Job Terry :)
The Birthday Girls

My mom & I

My Hubby & I <3

One of the many gifts lol

It was a great night and I am sure they enjoyed themselves. They had many friends there and were able to socialize and have a good time.

Sunday was spent relaxing... T and I just lounged on the couch until it was time for me to go to work at 4. It was nice not to do anything for the day.

Here is to a great week for everyone!