Monday Weigh In

I am so disappointed in myself. I feel like a failure right now. I cannot seem to get motivated. I really need to TRACK everything. I gained again this week and this time it was depressing because I am over 200 pounds again.
Now I am mad. I am paying money for this membership to Weight Watchers it is time I start taking this seriously and use it! I need to start really caring about my health and body. I have been very lax lately and it upsets me.
There now that that is off my chest.... Let's get to an important question -
Why won't Mason sleep through the night at home? I put "at home" because the other night when he spent the night at Tim's parents house he want to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 7. Last night he was home, I put him to bed at 9:30 and he was up at 2 for a bottle and then awake at 6. When he got up at 6 he did not want to eat right away so I put him in his Rock 'n' Play and he watched me get ready for work. He just sat there talking to me.
He is the reason I need to start taking my weight seriously. At my doctor's appointment on Friday I was told that the ideal weight for me at my height would be 150 pounds. I cannot tell you that last time I saw that weight.
I was looking through my blog list on Blogger the other day and I saw Skinny Jean Dreams on the list. I remember following her, but I had not visited her blog in a while. I went there and felt inspired. This girl is amazing! She has lost a lot of weight after having a baby and she looks great. It is bloggers like her that keep me on track and help me succeed and stay motivated.

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