Doctor Appointment

It is cold out this morning! I am at work with my gloves on. It is cold in this office this morning.
Friday morning was chilly too. Mason and I were up and ready to go early (9:30 - early for us).
Isn't he cute all bundled up?
I feel like I have stalled in my weight loss efforts. I made an appointment with my doctor to have a physical hoping she would tell me I needed to lose weight. Her saying this last July got me to get up and lose thirty plus pounds.
She did tell me I needed to lose weight, but she also made me see some positive points:
  • I weighed in at 199 in her office Friday, on November 18th, 2011 I weighed 194. She said this was great considering I just had a baby three months ago. 
  • I am not getting enough sleep which is normal for someone with a baby at home. Not getting enough sleep can cause my body to not lose weight as fast.
  • My blood pressure was 126/80 - which is great to hear! I remember when it was 150s/90s. 
They also got my height and I shrunk! I always thought I was 5'6", but I was 5'43/4". My doctor said I should be around 150 pounds for my weight and height. That has always been my ultimate goal weight. 
I was told to give it time and try not to be too hard on myself right now. 

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