Busy Weekend Ahead

I am so glad it is Friday, Tim has been in class the last two night and I worked Tuesday night so this is the first night since Monday that we will be able to relax together. Today has been a great day with Mason.
This morning he woke up in his crib and made a little cry to get me up, but after that one little noise he was just laying there smiling at me. After I got him into the living room we were talking about his busy weekend ahead and he just kept smiling...

I love that he smiles now. He is growing so fast, but I love watching him develop.
I put him down for tummy time and some play time and it did not take long for a friend to join Mason.
During one of his naps I actually got a good walk in. I walked 2.5 miles at 3.3 mph and 7% incline before he woke up. It felt great to work up a sweat! 

Tomorrow I will be walking in my first 5k since June and my first since Mason was born. I am excited. I feel great after completing a 5k event. I always do better in a competition setting than at home. It is for a good cause too.

After the 5k I have to rush home and shower so I am ready when Tim's Aunt Debbie comes to pick me up to go to Albany. We are going to see Mary Poppins! I am excited because this is one of my favorite movies and I have wanted to see it on Broadway for a while now.
Mason will be spending the morning with my mom and the afternoon with Tim's mom so I am sure he will be cuddled all day.
Sunday Tim and I have a date afternoon :) I am looking forward to it. A co-worker was nice enough to offer to watch Mason so Tim and I could spend some time together.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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