Feeling Giggly

I do not know what gets into me some days, but there are times when I am perusing Pinterest and I cannot stop laughing and the humor page! My coworkers think I am crazy when they hear me giggling in the corner. I love when things make me smile or giggle. It is a mood booster and takes away all negative thoughts for a while. Here are some of the things that had me laughing this week :)

This will be my poor children... 
I could not stop laughing with this one! 

These are ones that I could not agree more with :)
I do this and then I wish I was bagging myself
I have wondered this for YEARS!
Have a Great Weekend! Mason and I are spending the rest of the afternoon cuddling.

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  1. LOL I love some-ecards. They make me smile. I also love reading "damn you auto correct". Omg I have almost peed my pants laughing soooo hard reading those haha.