Baby Z's Room

FINALLY! I have put a post together for the nursery. I wanted to do a jungle animals theme, but not go overboard. We got the bedding set and the 3 jungle photos for the wall to match. I took some of the photos a week ago and then took some more last night. The color is shown better in the daytime photos. I love how it turned out. The yellow/gold is not too bright, but it is just enough for the room.

 The toy chest is Tim's, he says that it is his chest and not for the baby. We will see... we currently use it for our sweaters and it is in the room for the cat now. She likes to stare out the window.
 The glider/recliner was a gift from Tim's parents. It is so comfy and I cannot wait to use it with the baby. We use it now just to sit in.
The crib was a gift from my mom and I love it. I like the look and the color and I got it for a great price at JCPenney.
 You will recognize some stuff from the maternity photos. The lighted flower arrangement was a gift from my hair dresser/family friend. It is amazing. It gives just enough light at night for me to feed the baby without completely blinding us and keeping the room calm.
 The photos in the frames are still the same ones that came in it from the store. We are waiting for photos to put in there. We want to put some maternity photos and newborn photos in them.

 The changing table is great! I got a few baskets for onesies, burp clothes, and other assorted items.

 The shelves are great! I love that they fit perfectly in the closet and allow me to use them for storage. Most of the books on the shelf are ones from my childhood. I plan on putting clothes on there at some point too. We do not have a dresser in the room and do not plan on getting one until the glider is no longer needed in there. The fire truck on the bottom is something Tim bought for his little guy. It will be a while before it is played with, but I thought it was adorable : )
Isn't the Giraffe cute? Tim named him Jeffrey. My maternity clothes are also in this closet. I wanted to keep them separate from the rest of my clothes.

There is Baby Z's room :) I am so happy that it is done and ready for his arrival.

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