Why Do Hormones Have to be Involved?

It has been one of those weeks for me. I am just not feeling very chipper this week. I was excited to get Baby Z's room painted. I am glad that task is out of the way and we can start arranging the room the way we want to.
I also had a good OB appointment on Wednesday. I saw the mid-wife I have seen a few times before and she was great. My blood pressure is still good. It was 130/74 which is good. I did request not to see that other doctor again. I did gain another 4.6 lbs :/ This is depressing! I am walking and I am trying to eat better. I definitely have my slip ups, but geesh I am pregnant - I cannot deprive myself of everything that I want. I know I have said it before but this is really hard. Watching that scale creep up and up after I worked so hard to keep it down :( I was 210.0 lbs at my appointment. That is not a number I wanted to ever see again! I am a little disappointed in myself and I feel like I probably should be doing better. I keep beating myself up over this. I know I shouldn't, but I do :/
The pregnancy is definitely progressing, I am now having appointments every two weeks. I cannot believe we are at that point already. I am not ready for this. What if I am not a good mom? What if something goes wrong during the labor and delivery? What if this or what if that? I am starting to worry a tad bit.
I have felt a little moody the last few days, too. I think I have been really good with Tim throughout this whole pregnancy. If I have had an off day I keep it to myself - I did not want to be "that" pregnant girl that was always bitchy or moody. Well I slipped the other night and he gave the attitude right back to me. Why can't I just have a moment?
Sorry for all the venting, but I have to get it out. I feel better after expressing myself and maybe it will help someone. I am hoping I am not the only on who feels this way.

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  1. All the things you are questioning are totally normal. I think all moms-to-be worry about those things at some point. Even second and third (or more) time moms. So you are not alone. And as far as the scale, I know it sucks, but this is all for your baby boy- so he can be as healthy as possible. You talked about nursing yesterday and most women lose lots of weight breastfeeding, so it will come back off! ((hugs))