Unplanned Weekend Project

Last Friday I mentioned that Tim had the day off. He went to fix a problem we had in the bathroom and found another one, then he found another problem, and then he decided to fix everything the right way. That meant a new toilet, new vanity, and new flooring. So here are the pictures from the weekend...
There is a pedestal sink to the right that you cannot see - It did not look too bad, but there was no storage.


I now have storage under the sink :) I am happy about that and the counter space as well. Tim did a great job and I am thankful he is so handy. I just wish it did not take up the whole three day weekend. The best part was this bathroom cost us around $230 -  Sunday I put the old sink and toilet on a Garage sale website and sold both for $60. Now we do not have to store it and we got some of the money back.

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