I am very excited for four o'clock to come today. I do not come back to work until Monday morning at 8 and I am ready for a break after working for 7 days. I have been up since Tim's alarm went off at 5:30 this morning. He forgot to change it last night to go off at 6 instead of 5:30. Apparently Tim's alarm also wakes up Baby Z. My alarm doesn't wake him up, but the tone of Tim alarm must wake him. He started his morning stretches and punches and kicks. While we were laying in bed Tim had his hand on my tummy when he got punched or kicked a few times and he gave me a funny look. "Yeah buddy imagine that on the inside of you" It was pretty funny.
Not as funny as last night when Tim was laying on the floor and Scribbles came over and started licking his hand. Well after a couple minutes she bit down like he was dinner. I was almost on the floor laughing because I just happened to be watching them when it happened.
When I got home yesterday from work there were a few packages waiting at my door. I meant to take a picture, but I got a little excited. There were five packages total - 1 was for Tim, 1 was mom's mother's day present, & 3 were from Target! I was excited to open them, but I was good and I waited for Tim to come home to open the packages.
The first package was from Tim's Aunt and it was great! This was one of the things on the registry I really wanted.
The second package was the thermometer that you just roll across the baby's head. This was from Tim's Cousin.
The third package had a shade for the window in the car and some sippy cups.
I cannot wait to put the swing together. We are going to wait until the nursery is down I think. One less thing to move out of the way when we have to paint and put furniture together. Speaking of furniture - the crip comes tomorrow betwee 11 and 3 so I have to go to my in-laws and wait for the delivery.
I have been trying my best to eat the right foods. We had chicken on the grill last night and it was delicious. I am so happy it is warmer out now and we can use the grill. I think we will do chicken again tonight on the grill with peirogies :)
I have also been good at getting in my walking. I feel great after I do it so I push myself to get on the treadmill.

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