Happy Mother's Day

It is crazy to think that next year I will be a mom and this day will mean a little more to me. I am still baffled and in awe that Tim and I are going to be parents. Crazy! First I want to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom :)

Happy Mother's Day to Tim's mom Judy too :) I do not have a picture of her and I though :/

Tim had Friday off from work so we went and participated in a prom crash drill with the rescue Squad. The school has done this for a few years and the teenagers going to the prom come to watch the drill take place. We hope it makes an impact, but you never know. There are two vehicles set up like a crash and teenagers placed in the vehicles. These are actual students going to prom that we use as patients - they are the audience's peers and friends. There were three girl in the vehicles - 1 vehicle had 2 girl - 1 seriously injured and 1 deceased the other vehicle had 1 girl in it and she was playing the drunk driver that caused the accident.

Tim with the white helmet talking to the patient

The deputy giving the "drunk driver" a sobriety test - She is wearing special goggles to make her seem intoxicated
Taking the roof off one car to get to the driver.

While they are immobolizing the driver of the vehicle the funeral home staff is in the background getting their stretcher ready

Hopefully the kids watching took something from this scenario - this may be staged, but there are lots of accidents that are not staged and end worse than this
When we got home from the drill Tim had some little projects in the bathroom he wanted to do... It is now Sunday and this is what I have...

No floor...

New vanity with storage

Toilet in the living room... hmmm
He kept finding that these little things were actually bigger problems and he was going to fix it right. Needless to say, he and his father are working on getting the bathroom back together as I write this. We have a new vanity, a new toilet, & new flooring. I will have after pictures tomorrow hopefully.
Time for me to get up and clean up what I can of the house and hang out more laundry. I am planning on enjoying this great day!

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