Rough Doctor's Appointment

Before Tim left this morning I asked him to stay home and go to my OB Appointment with me. I was nervous, I had a dream last night that they were unable to find the heart beat, but after the dream I was woken up by Baby Z kicking. I knew that the dream was not true, but I was nervous and worried something would be wrong. He was busy at work today and reassured me that things were probably fine. Gee Thanks Hun...

When I finally got out of bed I started packing for Washington, D.C. We leave on Thursday morning on the train. We are going with Tim's parents and I cannot wait. I want to see the sites and I am hoping that there are still some Cherry Blossoms in bloom. I have always wanted to go and see the historical sites and museums. We are taking the train to D.C. - It is a 2.5 hours trip to NYC then 3 hours to D.C. I am going to bring a few books and my phone charger.

After getting laundry done and packing a little I thought it was a good time to get my butt on the treadmill and walk a little. I ended up doing 2.5 miles at 3.3 mph. I watched last night's Hart of Dixie. I am so glad that show is back on. I am really into the story line and I was not happy they took a month off. I did not want to over due the walking because of the cramping I had on Sunday night and Monday morning

Then it was time to go to my appointment. Of course I was almost late because I stopped at Walmart on the way and the check out line was a P.I.T.A.! When I got weighed today the scale said 205.6lbs!! Oh dear! That is a 15.6 lb gain from November 18th and a 21 lb gain from the first week in January. I guess it is time for be to buckle down and get my A$$ into shape. The doctor did mention the weight and said that he really only wants me to gain 3-5 more pounds. The ice cream cravings are doing me in! He said I need to be careful because of my blood pressure and I also have the gestational diabetes test in a few weeks. They gave me the request form and I am supposed to do it the first week of May before my next appointment. What an appointment... now I am feeling a little down. I definitely have to get back into my healthy eating and exercising. The eating is my current downfall.

Good news the baby's heart beat was good with a rate of 148 bpm. I also have a solution for my calcium intake. I was worried about not getting enough yogurt and the doctor said I could chew 5 Tums a day and it would be enough for the recommended amount of calcium.

Lots to think about now... Need to get my head in the game!


  1. I am glad your baby is doing well.

  2. Glad everything is fine with the baby. The GD test is a pain! I hope you pass it!

  3. That baby is healthy and that is the most important thing! You can totally drop those extra pounds and do it for Z!
    Your dc trip sounds like a blast!! Have fun!! Enjoy it!!