A Little D.C. & Catch Up

Phew what a week! Our trip to Washington D.C. was amazing. We saw so much in such a short period of time, but it was good we got so much in. I will be working on a post about the whole trip, I just do not think I can concentrate on one right now. I have been working my way around the house this morning trying to catch up on chores and put away the Easter decorations. I did some laundry and guess what?
I hung the clothes on the line. This not only saves energy and money on the electric bill, but the clothes will smell fresh :)

Let's talk about health... (For some reason after typing that I have the song "Let's talk about sex baby" stuck in my head) While in D.C. we ate out once a day. We usually had a snack in the morning and then went out for a meal in the late afternoon. At dinner on Friday night I revealed to my in-laws and Tim about the doctor's appointment and how it went. Eek! I was nervous to tell Tim because I knew he would go into to the watchful mode and make sure I was eating well. This is not a bad thing, I am grateful he gets this way especially when I am trying to lose weight or stay healthy.

We definitely tried to stay hydrated everyday. We had great weather while in D.C. - Thursday night and Friday were in the mid 60s so we had a fleece on for most of the day, but it did not rain. Saturday was the best day! It was great to not have to worry about a sweatshirt. Judy and I wish that we had thought to bring a pedometer with us so we would know how much we walked in those 3 days. It felt good to be outside and walking.

I did decide to start tracking and using WW points again. I started yesterday. My weight yesterday morning was 203.2 lbs. OMG! That is crazy to me, I did not want to be over 200 again, but I will keep this under control and be back to losing after the baby comes. I feel great and I am hoping that eating right again will make me feel even better!
I missed the animals while we were gone. We dropped Nutmeg off at Tim's brother's house on Wednesday night and we did not get to see her until last night. It was a long 5 days. She was happy to see us. She is over that now - fast asleep on the couch while I write this - along with Scribbles.

Well I guess it is time for me to get back to cleaning. It is almost time for a walk :)

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  1. I LOVE the smell of clothes that were dried outside! Something just so springy and fresh about it :)