Good Day

Today was a good day. I woke up to hear the Eric Church will be the headliner this year at WGNA's Country Fest Concert! I am excited. It is in the beginning of July so I will be almost 9 months pregnant, but I really want to see him in concert! I still have to talk to Tim about it, but I am pretty sure I have a good chance at this one :) 
Funny picture from yesterday :)
********************I did not plan on doing much today, I did not have any plans and I figured I would just hang around the house until it was time to go to work at 4. Well I ended up walking 2.5 miles at 3.4 mph and then another .2 miles at 2.5 mph for a cool down. I even walked with 3 lb weights for most of the walk. It felt good and I was not as tired as I usually am. I was happy with the way I felt throughout my walk today. I made myself a grilled cheese for lunch, but I should have had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It is National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day!
This is what I saw while walking today on the treadmill... Her new favorite spot :)
After lunch I went to go get something in the Baby's room and I just started cleaning it. I started taking apart the twin bed that was in there. I washed the sheets and skirt that was on bed. I got the office ready to move the bed in there and then I did it. I moved the bed piece by piece into the office. I was pretty pleased when I was done... 
What was I thinking?
Someone had to check out what was going on
And she had to check out where her bed moved to...

The New Office/Guestroom

The old guest room and now the Baby's room :)
Phew that is done... now we just have to buy paint. Here is the bedding that came in the mail this weekend!
I think I am going to do the walls in the buttery yellow of the momma giraffe. The green looks too dark to me. I will have to go to Home Depot soon and get some samples.

23 week 4 day belly shot :)

Well that is all from me for today. Time to get to work and be productive.

Anyone going to any good concerts this summer?

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  1. Love, love your bump pictures! Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney (ie my two favorite male country artists and the hottest in my opinion!) are touring together this summer!! So, they are coming to Chicago and I will be there!