Sick of Being Sick!

I am so ready for a night of restless sleep! I have been sick since last Wednesday with a runny, nose, sore throat, and an ear ache. The only thing I can really take is Robitussin so I took that for the days that were really crappy and unbearable. I did not want to overdue it. I am sure the baby is not enjoying all the coughing. It probably feels like a roller coaster in there. I really enjoyed the warm weather last week, but I think that was the cause of my sickness. The weather has been whacky, right now it is in the 30's here and very chilly. I am feeling better today, but was up most of the night coughing. This is crazy I have never coughed with a cold like this until this year. Back in December I was sick like this too.
Now onto other news! I ordered our crib Saturday! I am very excited it was $300 at JcPenny online and when I went to look at it on Saturday it was on sale for $150! I could not believe it. The $150 included the shipping price. I called my mom and asked if she wanted to get the points for her JCP Credit Card and she gave me her number and told me not to worry about it. I am going to try to find an unfinished dressed/hutch maybe to try to stain myself to match the crib.
The bedding was shipping over the weekend, so that should be here this weekend. It is amazing to me how fast this is going and how close we are getting. We are past the halfway mark and July is not that far away.
I also had time on Sunday to make cupcakes for Tim's mom to take to work for the March Birthdays. I got home from work at 2 on Sunday and Tim had already made the cupcakes, I just had to make the frosting and frost them. He is such a HUGE help! He cleaned up around the house this weekend too. I am very lucky to have him. I do not think he realizes that the little things he does are a huge help to me. I like things clean and neat and I cannot rest or relax sometimes because I have to pick things up. When things are done, I can just relax in my down time, it helps especially when I am sick.

Today is my Friday! I am working 4-12 tonight with tomorrow off! I cannot wait for a day off. A day with nothing to do! Now though I am going to go get on the treadmill and get my walk in.

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