Non Scale Victory

Yes I just said non scale victory at 5.5 months pregnant. I am working taking my summer clothes out and putting the winter stuff away today. While looking through one of the boxes I found a pair of shorts that were way too small last summer. I had ordered them in 2010 I think from American Eagle during one of their big sales and got the shorts for under $10. I have been known to order clothes in sizes smaller than I am in hopes of losing weight. These were size 16. I was in an 18 for shorts and some materials last summer. When I found them this morning I thought - I know I am pregnant, but I am still doing well and have lost 30+ pounds. What the heck I am going to try them on!
I could not believe it, they are even a little big. I was so happy. I could definitely wear them right now, we will have to see when my pregnant tummy gets bigger if they will still work, but I am happy! I am still wearing a size 12 in maternity clothing and I can still get into my normal jeans but the button does not like closing now... good thing I like belts.

I do not think I have mentioned this yet, but this pregnancy has been amazing and scary at the same time. I have been extremely blessed because I have had a healthy first and second trimester. I have not had any issues that are notable. (I did have those awful abdominal pains in December, but I figured it was normal, it was so I do not count that as an issue) My problem has been in my mind with two areas.
The first area is food. I definitely have been through days when I have the mindset that I am pregnant so I do not have to pay too close attention to what I eat and how much. I have to keep a better eye on myself, especially now that it is almost soft serve ice cream season! I have been trying really hard to keep things in the house that will be ok for me to reach for instead of cookies and junk food. I love granny smith apples :)
The second area is my tummy. Before I started this weight loss journey I was always conscious of this pod I had in my abdominal area and I was always trying to cover it up. When I lost 30 pounds I finally felt like I did not have to be self conscious of my tummy. I felt great! I knew I had more work to do, but I was getting there. Now I have this tummy back. I know it is a good thing because I am creating a human life and he needs room to grow. There are certain outfits that make me feel pregnant and others that I will change out of because I feel tubby. I seem to be gaining my weight now in my tummy area which is good instead of all over.

Ok now that I have taken a short break to write this I have to get back to cleaning my bedroom! There are clothes everywhere :)

Anyone have any non-scale victories this week?

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