A Little of This and a Little of That

Phew I am a slacker... I meant to write one of these on Wednesday not Friday... geesh.
I slept twelve hours last night! How in the world did I do that? That is crazy, but I feel great today and I am ready to tackled cleaning the office and the guest room. I also plan on getting a walk in on the treadmill, I still have Tuesday's Biggest Loser to watch.

Sunrise yesterday morning :) 50 degrees at 6 am
Spring is starting to appear here in Upstate New York! I am so happy, I felt like I was in a rut and I wanted to go someone warm! It was 64 degrees out yesterday. The sun was shining and there was a warm wind. I had to work until 6 am yesterday morning, but I work up at 9:30 to get a walk on the treadmill in and then I went to meet a friend for a walk around the village. Why did I do the treadmill first you ask? Well you see I was lazy Tuesday and Wednesday and did not walk at all. I wanted to get at least 5 miles in yesterday and on the treadmill I can walk 3.4 miles an hour. I wanted to walk leisurely with my friend and not worry about pushing myself. I ended up walking 5 miles yesterday and it felt good!

I have an odd schedule for the next week or two so I have today off. I do not go back to work until tomorrow at 4pm. It is like a nice little break.
Throughout this pregnancy I have wondered if the emotional roller coaster were just for some women and not for others. I had not experienced any crying or ups and downs. Well I should have not questioned it... this past Sunday I cried three times before noon. It was crazy. The last time I started crying was because I had already cried twice and I got sad. It was weird. I have not had an experience like that since, but I am sure it will happen again. Poor Tim was not sure what to do and I kind of felt bad for him, he did not know how to fix it.

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling like I had a little tummy. Then I noticed that my mid section was sticking out a little more than normal. I took this picture:
I have a bump now! Nutmeg looks thrilled doesn't she? I started using the Palmer's Cocoa Butter this week and love the smell of it. Tim thinks I really do feel like I have butter on me. I will have to update the Pregnancy page.
It only took 40 pictures but Tim finally got some good ones. I think he just likes playing with the new camera. He cracks me up!

Well time for me to get my but moving and get things done around the house on this day off :)

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  1. YAYY! Your belly is so stinkin cute! I had an emotional roller coaster kind of days as well.. where you cry for no reason or silly reasons, then you remember your pregnant. Our poor husbands!