Tummy Sleeper Whoas!

I knew it would come sooner or later, but I was hoping for a little later. I am a total tummy sleeper and now it is uncomfortable. I have been sleeping on my back the last week or so, but that will come to an end at some point. Ugh... To top it all off I still have not gotten a new pillow since this incident..
I am currently sleeping with a flat pillow :/ Don't worry it will be taken care of this weekend. Tim and I have a date on Saturday night :) The plan is to go to dinner, get me a new pillow, and hopefully start our baby registries. I have been very busy comparing different products, checking reviews, looking at lists of the must haves, etc... Phew it can be a little overwhelming, but I am taking it one step at a time.

I will be 19 weeks on Thursday and I am feeling more pregnant every morning when I wake up. I was not feeling pregnant at all until I was about 16 weeks. Now I definitely know that there is a tiny human growing inside of me :)

Today I was very excited to try a new recipe I found on The Today Show online. I got all the ingredients and realized I did not have butter, but I found crisco so I figured I would substitute. Then I went to get an egg out to let it get to room temperature and guess what? We have no eggs in the house!
I usually have a dozen eggs in the fridge at all times, I guess I have been slacking Oops :/ I still wanted to make something for dessert tonight so I did mini chocolate pies :)
There will be whipped cream put on top when they are ready to be served :) Yummy. Oh look what came out of the basement... the Easter decorations :) I love spring and I wanted to get my decorations out for Easter yesterday. I did and I feel happier now.
I will be going to the store tonight and doing my coupon/grocery shopping. Eggs and butter are definitely on the list. I still want to try this new cookie recipe with my airbake pans I got for Christmas that still have the wrap on them.

On a different note, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Ohio families involved in the school shootings. What a terrible story. I just read that the 3rd teenager died as a result of the incident.

I have a few questions today:

Are there baby products or mommy-to-be products that you recommend?
Anything I should stay away from?

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