Getting Back on Track

I have a confession... I have not been eating very healthy. I am not very happy with myself and I am going to do something about it starting today! My brain has been weird since I found out I was pregnant. I cannot seem to focus on healthy eating like I was before. I have been a little sad about finally being able to fit into clothes and now they will not fit well anymore. I know that is not rational because I am carrying a baby and it needs room. I am not getting fat, I am pregnant.

I woke up again this morning with a headache. This is getting old. I have not been feeling good the last few days, so maybe it is because of my eating habits. When I told Tim I did not feel good, he told me to get up and eat and drink something, so I did. I got up had my vitamins, a bottle of water, and a nice big juicy grapefruit. I am going to take this seriously now, there is no reason I cannot keep eating healthy. This child inside of me deserves the best nutrients and so do I.

I am also going to get on my treadmill today and hope it helps with the headache. I cannot put it off for another day. I felt so lazy yesterday, not today. Plus I have "Hart of Dixie" on the DVR :)

I am a little excited for my afternoon plans. I am going with Terry to see "One for the Money" and we are having lunch at Panera. I have not been to the movies since August, we saw "The Help" and it was amazing! Panera is a great place for lunch when I am trying to be good. I know the points plus values for most of the food and the food seems so fresh. I usually get a 1/2 Caesar salad with dressing on the side of course and 1/2 chicken noodle soup. Yummy. I am hungry for it now.
I have read some of these books and I like the humor in them. I am hoping the movie is just as humorous and entertaining.

Time for me to get going with my day.  :o)

Anyone else feel like they have been slacking? (For me it is my eating)

What is the last movie you saw?

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  1. Ugh. I've been struggling too. I don't feel like working out. My eating has been on plan though!

    I actually saw that movie when it first came out! I had a Groupon to go see it. It's really funny. :) I've read all of the books...so I was excited to see it!