Baby Bump Week 18

Today marks 18 weeks along. I feel great, now. At work a little after midnight last night I got sick. It was the worst case of "morning sickness" I have had in this pregnancy. I feel fine now so it must have just been something that did not agree with my tummy. I read that at 18 weeks the baby is about the size of a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, that was interesting and it also made me want a pint of Ben & Jerry's :)

Yesterday I was craving soft serve ice cream like there was no tomorrow! On Facebook I asked friends where I could get soft serve this time of year and a co-worker named and place and I really wanted to go. My door bell rang a few hours later and there was my cousin Mel and my god-daughter with a soft serve ice cream for me :) I was a very happy girl!

At my doctors appointment this week she wanted to see my baby bump and I told her that there was nothing there yet, it was still just my belly from before. She made me feel great when she told me that I did have a baby bump and that "belly" was not there at my last visit, I had lost it during the weight loss. I guess I did not realize it. I was very happy, it is not a big bump, but I like that it is the baby and not just me needing to lose more weight.

18 weeks :)

A little dark, who knows what he was doing with the camera
Have a great night all!