Fun Weekend!

Good Monday Morning All!

I had a very hard time not blogging about my planning experience with the party a friend and I threw this past weekend. We wanted to do something for my mother-in-law, Judy, and her twin sister, Deb. They have a big birthday coming up (26th) and they deserve something special. We decided to throw them a surprise birthday party. They thought it was my birthday party they were going to. So in the last month I was getting criticism for throwing myself a birthday party and having a DJ and such. I could not wait for them to find out that it was really for them.

Friday night was spent setting up the hall for the party. It was fun because of the anticipation. Saturday I did sleep in a little, but once I got up I was running errands and finishing up last minute things. (picking up balloons, meat platters, rolls, etc)

Here are some of the pictures from the night ;)

The picture that went on the invites and around the room ;)

What a great cake! Good Job Terry :)
The Birthday Girls

My mom & I

My Hubby & I <3

One of the many gifts lol

It was a great night and I am sure they enjoyed themselves. They had many friends there and were able to socialize and have a good time.

Sunday was spent relaxing... T and I just lounged on the couch until it was time for me to go to work at 4. It was nice not to do anything for the day.

Here is to a great week for everyone!


  1. Great pictures, glad you had a good weekend!

  2. That's cool what you did for your MIL and her sister! Very nice :-)