Featured Blogger of the Week: Mrs. Jess!

So while laying here on the couch feeling icky I decided to borrow an idea from a few fellow bloggers. I am going to do a blogger of the week :) It was very hard to pick the first one. I have a number of blogs I check daily. Take a look to the right of the screen, I even think that I am missing a few from there.

So my pick this week is for Jess O'Connell and her blog ~ And I Live Healthier Ever After
Jess is very motivational and I enjoy reading her blog. She has two actually. The other one is about her married life with recipes and diy projects she and her husband do.

I feel like I can relate to her because she is also doing Weight Watchers and actually eating some of the food. I also love determined she is. And I loved when she said :
"I want to get pregnant eventually. And I know at my weight, it would not be a healthy pregnancy. I want to be happy and healthy and look pregnant. I don't want people to ask themselves "is she fat or pregnant"."
 I feel the same way most of the time. So Good Luck Mrs Jess and I look forward to following your blogs :)


Boredom Will Be The Death Of Me

What do you do when you are bored? I tend to search the kitchen for food. Why? I am home today with a head cold brewing and I cannot stay out of the kitchen. Why am I hungry? I am not hungry that is the problem. I am just bored. H texted and said he will not be home tonight, he has to stay the night where he is for work. That is not good. I am trying to keep busy so I don't want to snack, but now I have to do it until I go to bed, oh dear.

So today I have:
  • Done 4 loads of laundry
  • Folded 3 loads
  • Clean under the sink in the kitchen
  • Taken the garbage out
  • Made Banana-Nut muffins ( I am not sure they turned out right :/)
  • Taken the Kitten to the vet
  • Taken a Mucinex
  • Walked to the mailbox
WHY AM I IN THE KITCHEN?!?! Stop snacking and using all your points before dinner! I have done all this stuff today and I feel like crap :/... I have an ear ache, there is pressure in my head, and my throat hurts. I should be relaxing, but i cannot stop moving around the house. Ahhhh I hate being bored.

So my plan for the rest of the night is to keep thinking about that doctors appointment I have next week and where I want to be then. If I want to be there I have to stop snacking and do something else.

Anyone else have a boredom eating problem?


I am feeling GOOD!

Soo... I was nervous last night. I felt good about the weigh-in but there are times when I feel great and then I get disappointed. I stepped on the scale and it said 202.2. I was happy! That is a 2.2 lbs loss for this week. For a total of 18.4 lbs lost. I have 3.6 lbs to lose to hit my 10% goal. My doctor's appointment is next Thursday, that is 9 days away. I would be happy to just be under 200 when I go to the doctor, that would be just 3 lbs lost. I think I can do it. I am just going to be diligent this week and not slack off.

This morning when I woke up at 6 (an hour before I had too) because the dog wanted to go out, I felt GREAT! I got out of bed at 6:30 with T and started to try to find something to wear. I pulled out a pair of charcoal grey pants that have not fit well in over a year. After I took my shower, I tried them on. They fit perfectly and when I buttoned them I did not have anything hanging over on the sides (if you know what I mean). I am officially on the 2nd hole on my belt, for a couple weeks it was only with certain pants but now it is all the time. So back to my outfit... I put on a nice shirt with a cardigan and I felt good. It is amazing how losing some weight can boost your self-esteem. I walked into work and one of my co-workers asked if I was losing weight. Now that made my day.

I found this quote this morning and I really liked it:


*The Story of Us*

We met in May 2005, phew seems like yesterday...

June 2005:             

This was taken at the Rescue Squad one night. Yeah I had really short hair.

October 2005 at his brother's wedding.

Fall 2007 - Before a concert we went to. We lived in an apartment about 45 minutes from the capital so we went to a lot of concerts when we lived there

Us on one of our Foilage Drives Fall 2008. We love driving around in Fall :-)

2009 - Nutmeg & our new house :)
H's favorite activity, min now too - Apple Picking 2009


2010- Wells, ME VaCaTiOn

2010 brought the engagement and the engagement pictures, I cannot believe that in a week it will be a year since these were taken...

And our wedding day :)
A friend's wedding in June 2011

Oh and an updated picture of our baby:


Sweet Idea :)

You want an ice cream sandwich after that meal? Reaching for the ice cream sandwich may not be that good of a choice. Yes the Skinny Cow sandwiches are better for you but they are still 4 points plus each. I found this online somewhere and love them.

You will need:
~ Graham Crackers (I use cinnamon because they are yummy, the original recipe I saw was the honey ones)
~ Fat Free Cool Whip
~ Plastic Wrap

Take out the sheets of Graham Crackers and break them in half (at the line on them) The Cinnamon ones I buy have a Points Plus value of 3 for 3 sheets. so I do 1 Points plus for each sheet.
Get your thawed Cool Whip and put enough on a square of the cracker to cover. Then put the other square on top. Then carefully wrap with plastic wrap and put in freezer. In a few hours you will have a nice sweet treat that won't cost you lots of points.

So I count this little sandwich as 2 Points Plus (Yet again over estimating just in case I am wrong)

First New Recipe

Ok, So I made not have made this soup completely homemade ;)  I found a McCormick spice packet for Chicken Soup in the Crock Pot. It has been chilly here in Upstate NY the last few days so I figured this would be a good meal.
I put the info into my WW calculator and it came out to 0 points per serving. So I chopped up 1 Cup of celery, 1 cup of onion, and 2 cups of carrots (fresh from the neighbor's garden - No I did not steal she gave them to us). I did this Sunday night so I would not have to wake up too early.

I also cut up 2 boneless skinless breasts of chicken into bite size pieces. I added the chicken into the crock pot with the 6 cups of water (1 more cups than they called for because I like to water down premade packets) mixed with the spices the next morning before I went to work. I asked my hubby to put the Crock Pot on low for 8 hours at roughly 11 am if we wanted to eat at 7:30 after my meeting.

It calls for 1 cup of egg noodles, but I went online to the McCormick website and it said you could put 1 cup of rice in instead. I liked the rice idea better. So I asked H to put rice in at 7 and turn Crock Pot on High for 20 minutes.

I made Grilled Cheeses with this because I had enough points left at the end of the day.

So Points Plus wise I did 0 for all the veggies and for a cups of soup I did 6 pts plus total. I figured that would account for the chicken and the rice. This seems high to me, but I like to over estimate than underestimate.  You never know. Don't take my point plus value as set in stone, I am not an expert in anyway.

** If you want to make this and then freeze some I would make the rice or noodle separately. That way when you take out the frozen soup you can make noodle/rice then and it will be fresher and less soggy. My mom taught me that. I have lots of homemade turkey soup in my freezer just waiting to be thawed and noodles added.

I am Proud of ME!

I went to the WW meeting last night for the first time in a couple weeks. I have been working nights so I had to go to the open hours in the morning. I think it is nice to go to the meetings. It feels good to be in a room talking with people that are going through the same things you are.

Weigh in was good, I lost 1.4 lbs. I was hoping for more but it is still a loss. I have lost more than 16 lbs and I am very happy with that. I want to be at my 10% goal when I go back to my doctor on October 6th. I have 2 more weigh ins, I think I can do it. I have a little over 5 lbs to lose in 2 weeks. I have to work hard and get it done :) I really want to be off these blood pressure pills and be healthier.

Look for the next blog which will be about the soup I made yesterday and I plan on making pumpkin cupcakes today.


I fit in them!

Now I love to shop, my husband may even call it a shopping problem. I have roughly 13 pairs of jeans in my closet. I have had these for a long time and for a long time I have only had 2 that fit well and actually buttoned.

Saturday I woke up and wanted to wear a light pair of jeans. Well I gave it a shot, I pulled a pair of jeans that have not fit in quite some time. THEY FIT! OMG THEY FIT! Not only did they fit, but they did not cut into my skin on my waste (If you know what I mean) I was so excited. I even had to go up a belt loop on my belt to tighten it. What a great day!

One of my goals on my goal page is to fit into all of my jeans that are in my closet. I was thinking this morning when ANOTHER pair fit that I should start numbering them so I know which ones I have already tried. I am a little nervous to try some, I don't want to be disappointed. I will wait longer for them.

So I wore these jeans and went out to dinner with my mother-in-law and her sister. We went to a Restaurant on the lake figuring we won't get many more opportunities. Turns out there was a wedding going on outside too. So during dinner we got to listen to the best man and maid of honor give their speeches and we got to listen to a live band. It was not bad and the band was pretty good. It was an experience.

Had to share :o)  Tomorrow I will do a blog for the new recipe I am trying today and the results of my weigh-in tonight... Stay Tuned


Bedroom Project = Complete :)

The Before:
The curtains were the ones that were up when we moved in two years ago - the walls are a dingy white and the bedding is older


This was a wedding present :) Easy as pie - from Target!

Hard to hang pictures and mark the wall when every time I went for the pencil the cat had it or had lost it

The Finished Product:

The color on the walls is "feather plume" from Home Depot
Hard to tell so here is the swatch :

I love it ;o) I think it looks better in person than it does on the pictures, but oh well. When the hubby gets home he will put up the wall mount for the television. I would rather him do it than me do it and have it come crashing down ;)  Also the whole house is almost clean, I have been very busy since H left. I even took all the clothes out the closet and used colored hangers to organized everything.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Beautiful Week!

So I went to weigh in today :) -2.8 lbs from Wednesday! Wahoo! I figured I blew it last night with the 2 pieces of cheese pizza and 2 no bake cookies I ate at a rescue Squad Meeting. Not good. But I am satisfied with my lose :)

So today I cleaned off the treadmill and actually used it! I borrowed the first 2 seasons of Gilmore Girls from a friend and I started watching it today. The new season of television shows start next week so I will finally have something on the DVR again to watch while I do the treadmill. It felt good! I did 2.2 miles, 42 minutes, basically the length of the show. I plan to build on that and do more. I liked when I was doing an hour and 3.2 miles or more.

The Hubby leaves for work on Wednesday and does not return until Sunday night so I am flying solo for a few days. I plan on painting our bedroom, putting up the new curtains, and a major cleaning of the house (it is a disaster right now).

I will post before adn after pics when the bedroom is complete, I am excited :o)


A New Challenge

So since I have been out of college I have wanted to dive into something and become good at it. Well it took 2 years, but I think I have found something I want to do :)  I want to challenge myself to make 2 new meals and 1 new desert per week. They have to be meals from a cookbook or other resource with a recipe. I will take pictures and then blog about the meal. I want to start the first week of October. Tim's schedule is hectic the next few weeks so I want him to be able to enjoy these things too.

So wish me luck!

Rough Week

So with the holiday on Monday I had to go to Weigh Watchers on Wednesday night. That threw me off. I am not happy with my weigh in which was 208.6, that means no change for me this week. At least I did not gain weight. I am going to work hard for the next 5 days and hopefully get some pounds off by Monday. I feel so good after a meeting when I have lost weight.

I want to say that I did not do well because I had Lasik surgery last Wednesday. Lets talk about that for a minute. I LOVE IT! So I was one of those people that never thought they would get it done because of the money, but the Hubby mentioned it in June and said that if I wanted to do it I could. I thought about it and decided to go for it. So I was nervous the night before and the morning of. They brought me into the room, put two stress balls in my hands, and laid my on the 1st table. My friend Terry took my down and watched the whole thing. She said her eyes watered watching it. There was some pressure on my eyes during the procedure and after my eyes burned. I could not open them without it burning even more. Terry took me back to our hotel and gave me some Tylenol PM and after 30 minutes or so I finally fell asleep. I woke up 2 hours later and I could see! I could not believe I could see the digital clock across the room. I was so happy! It was worth the hour or so of discomfort. I would recommend it to anyone :)

I did my measurements today though and I was happy with the outcome. I am surprised as well. I have lost 12 lbs which is great, but I did not expect to see this big of a change in my measurements.

Neck: 14 3/4"   Before: 16 1/4"
Bust:  43"         Before: 45"
Arm: 14 1/2"    Before: 14 1/4"
Waist: 43 3/4"  Before: 45 1/2"
Hip: 46"           Before: 47 3/4"
Upper Leg: 24 3/4" Before 27"