Week of Doctor Appointments

So this week I have been to a doctor 3 times.

Monday was my gynecologist appt, I switched to a new one so it was my first time meeting her. I really like her. I was glad when they took my blood pressure they actually got the right number. I used to go to Planned Parenthood and when they took it they always got it in normal range and I knew they were totally off. I have known for a while that my blood pressure runs high and that it probably was something I should get checked out. So the new Doctor said that she would like me to see my regular doctor for a check up. If I don't get my blood pressure down and under control I will not be able to take birth control. (Not good)
So I went home and I called my regular doctor's office and the normal person I see was booked until September, but another female had an opening on Wednesday. So I decided to get a physical done because it has been a while (like since high school). I really liked this doctor too! I explained that I wanted to start TTC in the spring and I was already working on getting my weight down so I am at a healthy weight when I get pregnant. She took my blood pressure and guess what? it was high. She said that she did not want to diagnose me with Hypertension yet, she gave me 2 months to get it under control. I need to continue with the weight loss, cut down the amount of salt/sodium I am eating, & she gave me a blood pressure medication in a low dose that I need to take everyday. So I have until October 6th to get this undercontrol or I will be be diagnosed with Hypertension and I really would not like that at my age. She said she will keep me on the birth control for now and we will reevaluate in October. I have to go back on Tuesday morning to get my blood drawn. She wanted to do it yesterday but I had already eaten.
So today I went to the dentist for what I thought was my last step in the root canal process I started in June. He asked if I had any problems and I said the color of the tooth was noticeable to me and it is bothering me. He said that he could do a bleaching process that will bleach the tooth from the inside. So I went for it. I love to smile, so I did not want to have to worry about discoloration. I have to go back there in 2 weeks to seal it or to bleach again depending on what the color looks like.

Phew it was a long week, lots of stuff had to get done. Tim & I along with his brother and his girlfriend are going camping tomorrow until Sunday. Have a great weekend!

New Addition

So Tim and I decided that it was time for a kitten, well this was after a co-worker of mine kept emailing me pictures of the new kittens on his farm. So here is Scribbles :)

Poor Nutters is still trying to make friends with her

So she knows the litter box already, I was actually surprised that it took so little time. I have had 2 other kittens before when I was younger but my mom did all the training stuff.


I did it, I joined

So today a friend and I joined weight watchers. It was during walk-in hours so we did not get to attend a meeting yet. I had most of the supplies from when I tried to so this on my own a few months ago. The PointsPlus system seems better. I already like that fruits are 0 points now.
Stepping on the scale was the tough part, I stepped on my scale at home before I left and theirs read the same number. So I weigh... 220.6. My first goal is 5% of my body weight so basically 11 lbs. They also wrote down 10% which is 22 lbs.
I feel like this is a turning point, I have a goal of 60 lbs and an incentive of the camera (see prior blog). But I really think that wanting a family will be my biggest incentive. I want to be at a healthy weight when we start TTC.
So I went to the girl doctor today as well. I changed Doctors so this was my first visit with my new one. I was very happy with my choice. She was very personable and made me feel comfortable. Though she did not like how high my blood pressure was. I think it is because of the excess weight, but she wants me to go get a physical from my doctor. I made the appointment for this Wednesday. She said that I need to have this checked because I really should not be on the birth control pills I am on if my blood pressure is high. 
Well I think that is it for now... I had H take before pictures so I will get those up soon...

So here is my intake today so far...

B: Crystal Lite 32 oz ( I was not really hungry, I know I should eat breakfast)
L: Lean Pocket - Pepperoni - 5 pts
    Strawberry Lemonade - 3 pts
S: Green Apple - Yummy - 0 pts
S: Popcorn - 5 pts
D: Salad with grilled chicken - 4 pts
     Crystal lite 32 oz


A thought...

So today as i was being AWFUL and eating an order of french fries with the salad I ordered I had a thought...

Would you eat 3 baked potatoes in a row? NO I would hope not, how will it all fit? But yet I just sat here and ate a a bunch of fries that probably equalled 3 or more potatoes. WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST EAT! I wish I had thought of that when I was eating it... And the same thing with potato chips!

I don't know what made me think of it, but when you really think about the things you eat you realize you probably should not be eating them!



Today is Tim's Birthday and we are going to a restaurant on Lake George for dinner with his brother and his girlfriend. T & I made a decision a few weeks ago that for the next year, when we go out to dinner, which is not that often, we have to go to a non-chain restaurant. We have not tried a lot of the places in the area because we are always going to chains. So tonight is the first time since we made out decision.

This weekend I have to work Saturday night and Sunday during the day. So I get to sleep in tomorrow  :) I would love to get a bike ride in tomorrow, but I have not gotten a seat cover yet to make it softer. I have been a major slacker lately with exercising... I am just not into. I always find something else to do like clean the house or run errands. I really need to get back into walking the dog everyday and doing the wii fit.

We are dog sitting for a few days starting tomorrow so we will have 2 dogs for 5 days. Here is nutmeg our pup...

Here is Bailey... Nutmeg's "aunt" My in-laws dog

It should be fun with both dogs. They have the wireless fencing system so they can run around the yard as much as they want and they know their boundaries. That is one of the best things that we have ever invested in.


Do I or Don't I?

So I have tried Weight Watchers several times on my own. I seem to have good luck for the 2 or 3 weeks I stick to it, but then I get lazy and my willpower disappears. A family friend of T's that I do things with all the time said she wanted to lose some weight and asked if we could monitor each other. I said sure, she also brought up that she would like to get back into weight watchers.
She asked if I wanted to do it with her and I am seriously considering it. I know it is a little pricey, but I think it might be worth it. I will definitely be held accountable for my weight loss and I need that. I need someone else to weigh me in and see if I lost or if I gained. I have tried telling a friend every week about my weight and it does not work.

So I think I am going to go for it. We are going to start July 25th. I go to Maine next week and I am sure that would be a huge failure if I tried to start a program while on vacation. Oh and I plan on putting some "before" pictures up.


A Challenge has been put forth

So last night I mentioned to Tim (my husband) that I wanted to lose 60 lbs by Christmas. We talked about it for a while and he gave me an incentive...
A little back story - I have wanted a Canon PowerShot SX30IS camera since before last Christmas, but at $400 it is kind of hard to justify the purchase. So I have been teasing Tim about getting me one... For my birthday, but we ended up getting a new dining room set instead, for Easter - he told me we don't do gifts at Easter (news to me I grew up with gifts in my Easter Basket). It has been an ongoing thing. He knows I am just kidding, I know I cannot just buy the camera....
Fast Forward to last night... He tells me that if I can lose 60 lbs by New Year's Eve, he will give me a week more than my personal goal, he will buy me the camera. I just about died, I was excited and now I am ready to do this. I REALLY want this camera! The funny part is I was just reading a blog I follow yesterday and she and her husband put forth a challenge for an ipad and other things. I thought that was a great idea, but I did not mention it to Tim. He challenged me all on his own.

The start of a beautiful journey :)

My name is Ashlee and I am "obese" (according to my wii fit and BMI). I am starting this blog to help me through my weight loss journey. I am ready to get fit and healthy. I recently got married to the greatest guy in the world (I know we all say that). He is very supportive and is ready to help with anything I need through this.

From what I remember I have been the big girl all my life. I am lucky in that I am proportioned well, so I do not look the weight I am, but I feel it. I was always the bigger friend in my group of friends. I weighed roughly 160-170-180 in high school and then I graduated and something happened! I gained soo much weight. I am currently 220.4 lbs. Oh it pains me to put that into words. I really do not know what happened. I moved in my now husband when I was 19 and I love to bake and cook.

The reason for the start of this journey was a picture. I stumbled across a picture of me from prom my junior year of high school. I was a size 13 and I remember feeling big, but in this picture you can tell in my face and my collarbones that I am a lot thinner than I am right now. I want to get back there! I thought that getting married would give me the motivation to lose weight, but I was wrong.

I want to start a family in the next couple years, but I want to be healthy when I do. I do not feel that I am at a healthy weight right now to bring a child into this world. So my ultimate goal is to lose 65 lbs. I want to be 155lbs. My recommended weight for my height is between 124 and 155. I feel that I will be doing well if I at least get to the higher end of the recommended weight.

So Join me in my journey through weight loss and married life :)