Where have I been?

So sorry to have been slacking. I know I get antsy when blogs I follow don't get update for a while. I want to take a moment to apologize. It has been a hectic week to say the least.

Lets start with Friday. Friday morning at 1:30 I got a call from my dad's girlfriend telling me that he had passed away in his sleep. Wow that was a lot to take in. I have had a rough relationship with my dad in the last few years because his alcoholism got worse and I could not handle it. I knew he had been in the hospital for the last month, I had been keeping tabs on him without him really knowing. I know that he would not have said anything to me, really no one even called me to tell me he was in the hospital until 2 weeks after the fact, but that is besides the point. (I already knew he was there). I still loved him and he was a great dad until the disease took over. Alcoholism is an awful disease and no one should have to live with it. He had cirrosis of the liver and renal failure. He went peacefully in his sleep and he is now in a better place.

Daddy's Girl
We made it through Christmas, which I will do another blog post on later. I have lots of pictures to share. My mom called yesterday and told me that my grandfather had passed away yesterday morning. This is my mom's dad that I have mentioned before. He was in the hospital and had been since September. He went in for heart surgery and had been there since - in a bed unable to talk because of the trache they put in to help him breathe. He is with my grandmother now not laid up in a bed and he can talk again. He was not the type to lay around all the time. I am glad that I had my photographer at the wedding take a picture of me with him and a family photo with his children.

So needless to say my week has not been the greatest, but I am making it through. My husband is wonderful and has been great when I start to lose it. I will try to make another blog post about Christmas soon.

I hope everyone had a great holiday.


  1. Ashlee, I'm a new reader and just stumbled upon your blog. So sorry for your losses. Your hubby sounds amazing. On a happier note, I really look forward to following your continued success. My very best wishes for the New Year:)

  2. Oh Ashlee, I am so sorry for your losses. Keeping you in my prayers!

  3. I am so sorry for your losses Ashlee, will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Oh goodness. I am so sorry for your losses. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!