Happy December!

I cannot believe that it is December already. It really does not feel like December here in Upstate NY. It was a little chilly this morning, I did start my car from inside the house this morning so it would be warm when it was time to come to work. I would really like some *snow* so my Christmas lights look nicer, it is hard to hit the cords and such with no snow. I also think that it is prettier when there is snow around the lights.

I am still sick. I went to the doctors yesterday and there is nothing majorly wrong. Strep Test was negative, my ears were clear, and my lungs sound good. The Doctor said that it will work its way out of my system. I wish it would leave now, I was up all night again last night coughing. It is like a tickle in my throat when I breathe so I cannot help but cough. My voice is getting a little better, yesterday I was whispering, but today I actually have a voice.

I have been really bad at tracking. I have been tracking my food during the day and then not at night. I have not been eating much either. I have had soup and some left over Thanksgiving stuff the last few days. My mom made homemade turkley noodle so I have been eating it to help with my throat. It is delicious.

I am also very anxious to get back on my treadmill! I got on it on Tuesday and did 2 miles at 3.0 mph. It was very difficult with the coughing. I really want to get back into walking! I have to get to 150 miles... The good thing out of this is I realized that I do enjoy getting my exercise in. I want to get on that treadmill and walk and far as I can. I am starting to feel lazy.

I am hoping to start feeling better soon! *Fingers Crossed* I really just want to sleep through the night.


  1. ahh ive missed so much since i havent been reading blogs :( I hope you get to feeling better really soon. It sucks being miserably sick when all you want to feel is festive and cheery! Keeping my fingers crossed for you too, feel better!

  2. My daughter had a cold like that, it took almost two weeks before she was back to normal. Night time was the hardest for her, so I slathered her feet and chest with Vick's Vapo Rub and it helped her sleep. Hope you feel better soon!