Finally, it looks like Christmas

There are only 17 days left until Christmas and it has finally snowed here in Upstate NY. I wanted a little snow so my Christmas lights look like they actually belong on now. The snow also hides the wires from the lights.

Not too much snow, just enough for a coating. Also enough to make me happy that I put my car in the garage last night so I do not have to worry about cleaning it off.

Remember Scribbles?
Yea that is her, I was changing purses and she decided to climb into the empty one. Well, yesterday she was spayed. Poor kitty. She was lethargic last night and she did not even purr. She is always purring. :( I went to check on her this morning and she was not happy she is stuck in the laundry room. I gave her some of the pain medication the vet gave and then I opened the door. I let her have the whole downstairs instead of just one room. I felt bad :( I just cannot let her and Nutmeg play for a while. She was purring this morning when I went down so she is almost back to normal.

Today is going to be a relaxing day. I do plan on walking a few miles before I get ready for work at 4. I may even may some cupcakes, but that would mean I have to go get eggs... ugh.

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  1. We live in Michigan, and barely have snow on the ground, my 3 kids are becoming very concerned we will not be having a white Christmas this year.