Relaxing Tuesday Night

Today I wore my new jeans. You know the size 12 ones. :) I felt so good today at work, it really was a sign that I really am losing weight and it is showing. I updated my progress pictures today. Tim was nice enough to take the pictures. Sorry for the wrong color top, but I was doing laundry. Nutmeg had to get in the pictures as well. She loves getting her picture taken. :)
Notice the exercise ball... It is getting used lol

Not the greatest picture, but 6 months ago I would never had posted this. What progress :)
T and I just had a nice dinner - Chicken & Brocolli Alfredo with some toasted garlic rolls. It was delicious. Then T suggested we go in the hot tub. That was a gerat idea. My back was hurting a little and that made it feel great. We really need to start using that more. We forget it is on the back porch most of the time.
Now we are on the couch downstairs watching last week's NCIS so we can actually watch this weeks at 8.

Yup that is right Scribbles is bothering the pup

Finally some rest
My plan is to get up early in the morning to walk before I go to work. I have to work until 6 tomorrow so I want to get my walk in before and not have to do it after. Tomorrow night may be hectic. I am going to make some things for Thanksgiving early so I do not have have to worry about it Thursday.

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