The Little Things

I forgot to add something in the last blog...
Look what came in the mail Saturday!

That is right... A package from American Eagle :) I love opening packages.
Inside the package:
- 2 Pair of size 12 jeans
- 1 Shirt - Size L
- 1 Pair of Legging (I think I accidentally donated mine to good will when I was rearranging clothes :/)
- 7 pairs of undies :)

I want to hold off from wearing these things until I hit the 190 mark. It will give me some incentive! But this morning while T was still sound asleep and after I had taken my shower I tried on a pair of the jeans and I almost cried. They fit and they fit very well. I did not find them too tight. I could not believe it! I have gone down 2 sizes in jeans! With the shirts from American Eagle I went from an XXL to a L, that is pretty amazing too!


  1. Way to go!! It's such a good feeling to fit into smaller clothes. :)

  2. OMG that feels amazing!! I can't wait to buy smaller pants! I might be able to fit into them now, but I am too chicken to try.

  3. Awesome! I love it when I can fit into a smaller size.

  4. Awesome!! While I'm out shopping this week, I'm going to buy something in the size I want to be in as an incentive :)