Feeling Pretty Crafty :)

Good Evening!
I did not sleep well last night because our EMS pagers kept going off. I did sleep until 9 which was nice :) I am working 4-12 tonight so I could sleep in and still get my walk in. I was a little lazy when I first woke up and then I got some energy and was on the treadmill for an hour 3.6 mph at 6.5% incline - I went 3.6 miles.

Miss April's comment on my Oreo post got me thinking. She is right losing 5lbs will FEEL better than the taste of those Oreos. From now on when I have a craving I will think if the feeling of losing the weight will be less or more than the satisfaction from the cookies/craving. Great way to look at things.

I saw a blog a few weeks ago with crafts in it and I wanted to try some. I decided to do the Santa, the Reindeer, and a Snowman. I have been wanting to be more crafty. I figure if I do these projects I will get better and actually enjoy doing them. Don't get me wrong I enjoy doing crafts, but I always worry they will not come out like the picture. So here is a little blog of events in the last two weeks with my crafts...

I decided to to 6 Reindeer, 3 Santas, & 3 Snowmen. I figured if I liked them I would give them away as gifts. I found the wood for it in my Father-in-Law's barn and it was all scrap wood. He and T helped me with most of the project because they did not want me using the tools. Here are some pictures of the process...

Snowmen waiting to get sanded

T helping cut out the Santa Head, Reindeer Head, & Antlers

I traced the pattern onto a piece of wood, to T could bring it to the Scroll Saw
Box full of goodies I brought home that day

Beginning of the painting

Reindeer Pieces ( I used tacs and push pins to keep the pieces off the sheet I put down, so they would not stick)

Before Scribbles stepped in the paint... She was very fascinated with the painting

Almost done....

Santa heads

With the beards

Almost done....

Done... well sort of. I have to but bows on the reindeer still. I may even give them rosy cheeks. I did one in the back row with the cheeks and he did not turn out that bad.

Every time I get the camera out Scribbles has to try to get in the shot...

Santa, A Reindeer, & The Snowman

I am going to add a crocheted scarf to the snowmen to break up all the white

The cute Reindeer - T's favorite

Santa Claus :)

If I give these for a gift I may give Santa with a Reindeer or two.
I like them... They are not exactly like the picture in the blog, but I think they came out nice. I modified some of her directions. I did not use MDF I used wood that was the correct size for the Snawman's hat and such.

Well I hope you like them :)


  1. These turned out adorable! I have plans to make the snowman because I don't have a fancy saw that will cut letters and such, but I am excited! I love crafts with wood (obviously...) I am proud of you, they look great!

  2. HI!! I'm a new follower! The reindeers are my favorite out of the 3! They're so cute. Good job in getting your workout in! It always takes me a an hour or so in the morning to finally be awake and ready for my workout!!

  3. Hi Doll! Thanks for following my blog! I am definitely following yours now as well! I love crafting and I am loving this project. Snowmen are my favorite so I just might have to make him and a reindeer! xo