New Look

Today was a good day, it would have been better if the weather was nicer. It was cold and rainy here all day. Sitting on the couch this morning my feet were freezing. T and I are not turning on the heat until November, so I hope it does not get too much colder.

Today I had a doctor's appointment at 8:30 to get my blood pressure checked and I set my alarm for 6:30 so I could get up and walk before I got ready for the appointment. Good news, this morning I actually got up and did not reset my alarm. I got up got my yoga pants on and a t-shirt and I went to the basement. I still had Pan-Am on the DVR from Sunday so I turned that on, set the treadmill at 6% incline, and at 3.5 mph. I was off. I felt GREAT when I was done. I always dread getting up and getting on the treadmill but once I am done I am so glad I did it.

I went to the Doctors and my blood pressure was good. I came home and froze for a little while, then I went to pick up a friend to go out to lunch. I had soup for lunch with a grilled cheese because I was cold. I ran some more errands and then I had a hair appointment at 1.  I love getting my hair colored and cut. I feel so fresh adn new when I leave there. I liked the length my hair was when I walked in, but I always want something different.
Here is the Before:

And After...

Not the best picture but it will do. I did blonde highlights and also added some burgundy as well. You cannot tell in the picture, but I am sure in the sunlight it will be noticeable.
So now I am at work until midnight. Tomorrow I plan on baking cookies for T's cookie bake off at work for Friday and then making Halloween cupcakes for my co-workers tomorrow night. Oh and tomorrow is my Friday and I have a 4 day weekend.

Am I the only one that loves getting my hair done? What things do you do that make you feel great?


  1. Love the new hair! The cut looks great on you and makes you look younger!
    I love getting my hair done, it's such a boost of self esteem, I am getting my hair cut and highlighted next weekend and can't wait. I haven't had highlights in almost 2 years!

  2. Looking gorgeous!! Great job on that workout too! I am always afraid to try the incline!