New Found Motivation

While sitting here in my pjs with my hubby, I decided to write a post. I am currently watching the Biggest Loser "Halloween Week" and T is playing Words with Friends on his phone. So this morning much like yesterday morning, I reset my alarm and did not get up to get on the treadmill before work. I was disappointed but after work I got on that treadmill. I set the incline at 7% which was new for me, I have been doing 6 %. There was a difference and I can feel the difference now in my butt while sitting here on the couch. I set the speed at 3.5 mph and I turned on Hart of Dixie from last night.

*** Side note: I really like Hart of Dixie on the CW. This is the first CW show I have watched since I live at my mom's house. It is about a new Doctor from NYC that is left 50% of a Doctor's Practice by a person she learns is her real dad. Throughout the episodes she tries to fit in with the small town in Alabama. I don't really know why I like it, I just do. ***

So here is what came in the mail yesterday  :)

Yup that is right, it is the new Victoria Secret Catalog for Christmas :) I actually feel confident and I really want to order some stuff from it. Last year I would have looked through it and I would have put it away. I would not have thought anything would look good and I would have been discouraged. Today I am thinking that I should go to Victoria Secret next month and get measured properly for a new bra because I put on a bra today and it seemed a little big in the cups. That is exciting.

I forgot to share what I got at the weigh in last night. I hit my 10% and I did not get a sticker I got this...
The 10% key chain. I was told my the woman who weighed me in that now I make my own goals. My next goal is 15% which will be 33 lbs (10 . 6 lbs) and then the 2nd goal is 20% which will be 44 lbs (22 . 6 lbs).  I have a new attitude now. I feel like I can actually do this.

~ Well time to get back to couch time with T and Nutmeg... and lets not forget Scribbles.


  1. I am SO proud of you and what you have accomplished! Nothing is stopping you now! Thank you for inspiring me. Keep it up, girl!

  2. LOVE the keychain as a YOU ROCK reminder.