I Love Fall

This time of year is great. The colors are beautiful and the weather is good. T and I went apple picking yesterday ( I will post pictures later). It was really nice out. I got home from work and my package of goodies from old Navy was there. I opened it up and I picked up a yellow shirt that I ordered in a size smaller than I was used to. I tried it on and it FIT. I was excited because it was not tight and it fit really well. So I am a size L in Old Navy shirts now.
This is a big step for me. When I have tried to lose weight before I have bought several items of clothing in a smaller size with the thought that it would give me some incentive, but it never worked. Now I am excited! The jeans I am wearing today are too big which is a new thing as well. They are baggy and I remember a few months ago when they were tight. It is amazing how the little things make you feel good.


So now that you know I am feeling fantastic this weekend (even though I had to work during both days) let's talk about this coming week. Tonight I plan on getting on the treadmill when I get home for an hour. I was supposed to do a 5k walk today with my mother in law, but I could not get anyone to switch shifts with me at work. I was a little bummed. I usually do well when I am in a competitive environment, I push myself harder. So I am just going to do the 5k on the treadmill when I get home. I have to stop first at the Garden Barn (Great place for pumpkins, flowers, etc) T wants fresh cider donuts. Does he now know that I am watching what I eat? I will be able to resist.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt yet again to get up at 6 and do my time on the treadmill before I go to work. I always feel great after I do it and I know it will gear me up for the day :) I have weigh-in tomorrow night and I am very optimistic.

The rest of the week is filled with working days and spending time with T. We both have a 3 day weekend next weekend starting Friday so that is something to look forward too :)


  1. I love fall too! Congrats on the new size :) It's a great feeling--plus it's an awesome excuse to buy new clothes!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Congrats on the non-scale victories! I am so inspired by you!!! Thank you for being awesome and keeping me on track!