Featured Blogger of the Week: Mrs. Jess!

So while laying here on the couch feeling icky I decided to borrow an idea from a few fellow bloggers. I am going to do a blogger of the week :) It was very hard to pick the first one. I have a number of blogs I check daily. Take a look to the right of the screen, I even think that I am missing a few from there.

So my pick this week is for Jess O'Connell and her blog ~ And I Live Healthier Ever After
Jess is very motivational and I enjoy reading her blog. She has two actually. The other one is about her married life with recipes and diy projects she and her husband do.

I feel like I can relate to her because she is also doing Weight Watchers and actually eating some of the food. I also love determined she is. And I loved when she said :
"I want to get pregnant eventually. And I know at my weight, it would not be a healthy pregnancy. I want to be happy and healthy and look pregnant. I don't want people to ask themselves "is she fat or pregnant"."
 I feel the same way most of the time. So Good Luck Mrs Jess and I look forward to following your blogs :)

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