Weigh In Wednesday - Welcome Back...

Look who has returned to Weigh In Wednesday! Erin is back! For those of you that do not know, she is the one that started this link up and she passed it on to Heather and I almost a year ago. Erin is a mom of two adorable kids and she lives in Maine! She doesn't know it, but I will meet her one day because she is not that far from me :) hehe

I posted a Transformation Tuesday photo on Instagram yesterday, below is the same before photo, but a different after. The left is from May 2011, at our rehearsal the night before our wedding. I was a size 18 and XXL. I felt great about getting married and was soo excited. I loved my wedding day and all of the festivities. Looking back I wish I had started this journey before getting married so I was my best on my wedding day. I am glad that I had an "ah ha moment" a couple months after the wedding.
The photo on the right was taken this past weekend. I am a 10/12 (depending on the brand & fit) and a M/L. I am in the best shape of my life. I feel more athletic and stronger than ever. I have never really been in shape until now. I still have work to do and I am sure I could be more fit. I hated gym class in high school and always did enough to pass, now I love working out and sweating daily.

Speaking of sweating, I just started Block 3 of P90X3 and I am not sure I will like this block. I did the Decelerator workout Monday and did not really like it. I also got on the treadmill yesterday instead of doing the Agility X workout because I don't really like that one either. I keep telling myself I have 4 weeks left and I can switch it up a little. I definitely want to keep some of the workouts in my routine. I love the Eccentric Upper workout and some of the weight training ones, the yoga workout will definitely be a regular one for me. I have the Yoga Inferno by Jillian that I want to try when this is done and I would like to do the 30 Day Shred again all the way through, no cheats.

My weigh in this week was not stellar -
Ashlee - You need to track your calories and not succumb to temptation! 

I know what I did. I know food is my problem. I just need to reign in my will power.

Don't forget to link up below! Also did you enter the giveaway I posted yesterday? Go check it out :)

Look what I woke up to last night! I went to sleep around 7:30 and it was raining. When I woke up around 11 to go to work it was all snow. WHAT?!?!? Mother Nature needs medications!

Yesterday was Day 3 of National Telecommunicators Week. I made Cookie Dough Filled Cupcakes for my co-workers, I did not have one because I think they are took sweet, but I heard good reviews of them. I have used this recipe several times and always have great luck.
Monday I dropped off this for my co-workers...

Today there is a pan of peanut butter frosted brownies at work for everyone. I am trying to fatten them up for Easter dinner ;) I usually do promote healthier eating at work, but this week I am making them some goodies. There usually is a different group of people working on the different days so not everyone is eating all of the different items.

Don't forget to link up this week & welcome Erin back to WIW :)

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Apera Bag Review & Giveaway!

Good Tuesday Morning all!

Did everyone get signed up for the DietBet Heather & I are hosting? I just added a bonus - One of the winners of the DietBet will be in the running for a $25 gift card to Target! For new clothes, accessories, healthy snack, or whatever ends up in your cart :) It is not too late to sign up and it is a great motivator to lose weight for summer! 

My god daughter spent the night last night and she is spending the day with Mason and I. We went shopping and to lunch yesterday, just her and I because Tim had yesterday off from work.

She was a big help around the house yesterday and maybe today too. It was so nice out yesterday we did some outside yard work and opened the windows of the house! Mason has figured out how to use the dog's door, now we are in trouble.

As I have mentioned before I have been running after work before picking Mason up from daycare. It costs me around $6/day to leave him at daycare an extra hour and I get to run a varying loop. Running after work means I have to bring clothes with me to change into. I had a tote that I was using, but it was not big enough and did not meet my needs. I need pockets for my arm band, earbuds, sunglasses, sneakers, socks, deodorant, clothes, and gloves for the cooler runs.

Enter the Apera Sling bag...
I saw this puppy on the internet and I wanted to give it a try. I contacted Apera and they were nice enough to let me try it out and give a review on it. *I did receive this bag for free, but this review is filled with my own opinions on the product.*

One of the things I like about this company is there active role with the Special Olympics. Below is one of the tags that was attached to my bag. I like companies that give back.

The sling bag may not look very big, but it has a lot of room. The side pockets were perfect for my sneakers. I liked the ease of putting them in. There are four pockets on the outside of the bag - 2 smaller ones and 2 medium sized ones. I used the smaller ones for my Garmin watch, sunglasses, and deodorant. The medium ones I have my gloves and headband in for cooler weather (I can probably take them out now).
The inside has a few small pockets as well. I really like these because I would rather put my jewelry in an inside pocket than an outside one. I also keep my hair ties and my Brady Bands in these pockets.
This bag is great for what I need it for. I pack it at night so I am ready to just grab it in the morning on my way out the door. I bring it into work and change after work. I leave it in the office and come back in for it and a water when I am done with my run.
Don't mind my white legs - time to start running in shorts lol

I like the idea of the antimicrobial protection on the inside and the outside of the bag. It is also waterproof and wipeable if you need to clean it. They have a nice array of colors to choose from. I really like the fuschia I chose, but the pearl was a close second.
I would use this bag for weekend trips because it has a lot of room in it and would fit all of my necessities.
Mason even enjoyed playing with the bag.
He always has to be in a photo... 

Apera has nicely offered give one of their Sprint bags and a 25% off coupon to one luck reader. The giveaway will run from today (April 15th) until midnight on April 16th. I will announce the winner on Wednesday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you can't wait and want to get a good deal - Apera is offering 40% off their entire Blue line of bags. Any style of blue bag, including the Performance Duffel, will be 40% off. Also, all of their Duffel Packs, any color, 40 % off too.

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5 on Friday - Spring Cleaning

It is officially Spring around here with the warm weather and sunshine, I guess that means it is time for Spring cleaning. This year I will be cleaning a little more deep so it will be ready for listing and showings.

I want my 5 on Friday theme to be Spring Cleaning this week :)

Take one room at a time. This is tough for me at times because I will spot something in another room when I walk by and start a new project. I just finished the office Wednesday. I cleaned it up and it is finally ready for photos for the listing. I have all the other rooms left. I think I may do the bathroom closet next. I also have to do the basement laundry room.

This may go against the last one, but if you are going to clean the windows, clean them all. I like to get it all done at once. The windows, vacuuming, dusting, and anything else I can do easily and quickly.

Part of our Spring cleaning involves our outside gardens. If the weather is nice we work for hours outside. There is just something about looking at what you have accomplished at the end of the day. I love working outside because of the fresh air and you are making the first impression of your home beautiful.

I cannot wait to start mowing the lawn again and work on my tan :)

Take breaks (see below for more info). You will be exhausted if you try to do everything with out breaks. I cannot wait to take Mason outside to play in this beautiful weather. He always wants to go outside and not we can finally let him because the brutal wind and freezing temps are gone! My breaks will definitely include taking Mason outside to play.

Maybe I can even get some small stuff done outside while he is playing. i.e. weeding,

Fun graphic time...
Graphic brought to you by Shari's Berries. 10 Things to do Instead of Spring Cleaning.

I want to open the windows and go for a scenic bike ride. :)

What are your Spring Cleaning tip?

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Jog or Run?

Happy Thursday friends! It is a sunny day here in Northern NY and I am excited for it to be in the 60s when I get out of work. Hopefully the 30 mph wind does not come until after my run.

Speaking of the work "run." I bought this shirt the other day and on the back it says "I Don't Jog, I Run." I consider my self a novice runner. I can run a mile during a race, but not much more than that at a time. What I do when I go "running" is run until I feel like I cannot run anymore then I speed walk for a bit. I run in intervals and push myself.
When I am running, I am not super fast, but I probably average a 9 minute mile while running. To make myself go farther I try to remember that your mind plays a big role in how well you do.

I think that I have a pretty good average time (between 11 & 12 minutes) for speed walking and running. What is jogging? Maybe I am a jogger? I don't know. Who cares really? Those that are runners, people like me, or walkers are doing great whatever they do. We are getting out there and moving!

I got on the treadmill yesterday and did 40 minutes at 3.5 mph and a 7.5% incline. I have found that I am just not a treadmill runner. I would rather walk on the treadmill and watch my dvr. I do much better running outside, not at a set pace. (My treadmill is also older and only has the increase speed button working so I cannot decrease once I get to the speed I want to do)

I guess my purpose for this tangent is - who cares if you walk, jog, or run? Moving is moving and moving is progress.


A little non scale vicotry to share today....

The shirt I have on is a MEDIUM! It is an Under Armour shirt! EEEKKK When I started this journey way back when (almost 3 years ago) I really just wanted to fit into a large comfortably and be able to shop for jeans in store (sizes under 12). I have learned what my body can do and I am sure I have not seen or done it all yet. I still have work to do, but I am so proud of how far I have come.

I do not even remember being a size medium in high school. Obviously I am not a medium in every brand or top, but this is a great start.

What are your NSVs this week? 

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Weigh In Wednesday - Wahoo

Weigh In Wednesday

I am going to start with my weigh in this morning! Wahoo! I lost 2.8 lbs. It is amazing what tracking can do for me. I know it helps a great deal, but somehow I always fall off the tracking wagon for months at a time.

I got a great run in on Monday afternoon. It was cloudy out, but the weather was good. It was nice enough for capri pants and that is great news for me. I would rather wear those or shorts for outside runs.
I am going to add an extra half an hour onto Mason's time at daycare so I can bump up my mileage to 5+ miles. I am feeling good with the varying route and with my mileage. I know my legs can take me farther, I am just worried about how far my mind will let me go before it starts playing tricks on me.

Embarrassing photo time... The left was from last year around this time and the right was taken for my final weigh in for Marcy & Darci's Dietbet. I still have a lot of work to do, but I think I have had some positive changes in the last year.
Want to join a Dietbet? I find it is a great way to keep me motivated. I do not want to lose the money I bet and I want to push myself for four weeks.

Heather & I are hosting a Dietbet that starts on Monday. Come join us for a little Spring push... Summer is quickly approaching and I am trying everything I can to get as ready as I can for warmer weather and smaller clothing. I am also thinking about adding an extra prize to those that win part of the pot :)

Don't forget to link up below :)

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How Do You Know?

Mason will be two in July this year and I have been thinking about child #2. We are definitely not prepared for a child this year because we plan on selling our house and moving, but it is still on my mind.

How do you decide if you want another child?

I always thought I wanted a big family. I grew up with one brother and I wanted my kids to have more siblings. Now that I have a child and I realize the cost of having a little bundle I am not sure about having more than two. Heck I am questioning having two.

Our lives are pretty easy right now.
  • Family members are willing to take Mason when we need help. 
  • He is pretty easy to take care of when I am home alone with him.
  • Daycare costs are not too bad right now with my swing shift. 
  • It is easy to load up Mason and head places - we bring him all over and he is pretty good.                                                                            
What would another child bring?
  • A friend for Mason
  • A playmate for Mason
  • Another baby for me to cuddle :) 
  • A possibility of a girl
  • Me not feeling like our family is not whole - Yes every time I think about not having another I think about how I have always wanted at least two children. 
  • An Aflac check - I signed up for Aflac last year in hopes that it would help when I go out on maternity leave the next time. 
  • A little more responsibility and possibly tied down to home more 
  • More hassle when wanting to go anywhere - upside would be we would save money on gas
  • Daycare costs will double until Mason goes to school

Who wouldn't want another one of these to snuggle? 

How do you know when it is time for child number 2? 

So if we decide to go for it, how do we know when it is time?
Some people say the sooner the better. Some say to wait a couple years. Some say it will happen when it happens.

I do not want to get Mason out of diapers all the way and then have to go back to changing diapers. That just seems like it would be depressing to get out of those diapers and then have to go right back to them.

I am excited for the coming years when the youngest would be old enough for vacations and activities like museums, historical sights, etc. That makes me want to have a child sooner rather than later.

However, I am not completely ready body wise. I would like to be in the 150s before getting pregnant again. I would like to stay under 200 during the pregnancy. I cannot wait to run a 5k while pregnant and squash my time from the 5k when I was 8 months pregnant with Mason.

I guess, just like with your first child, you are never really ready for number two. After we buy a new house and get settled in, we will revisit having a second child.
Maybe this photo will have another child in it one day.

Any suggestions? How did you decide it was time for number 2? 

What is the perfect time between children? Is there one?

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Monday Morning Chit-Chat

Saturday's dinner party with family went well. It was so nice to see my aunts and cousins. It makes me sad to see Mason with the other young boys in the family because it means he is growing up. It took him a little while to warm up to everyone, but once he let go of daddy's hand he was off and playing.
Tim's day yesterday started off at 2:30 am. An old paper mill burnt in the wee hours of the morning and he went as a standby crew. When I heard them check in service mid morning I told Mason that daddy would be home soon. He put on Tim's fire hat and stood by the door waiting for him.
I actually got a lot of cleaning and organizing done yesterday before going to work. It does not look like much, but the office is almost done and ready for me to move my focus to another room.

Mason had some cuddle time with his pup before his nap. She is not feeling well still, but she is acting better than she was Friday and Saturday. Thank you again for all of your good thoughts and vibes for Nutmeg. She is still in pain, but there are times when she shows signs of feeling better.

I am going to try something new this week - A workout schedule.

I have never really had a "schedule" written down before. I have been following the P90X3 workout schedule, but I usually play it by ear for the running schedule. I have been getting my runs in after work because Mason is at daycare for an extra half an hour. I will have to add another half an hour to his time next week so I can go over 5 miles. The Half Marathon is less than 2 months away... EEEEEKKKKKK Time to get serious and get my mileage in!

Do you use a set schedule? Do you play it by ear? How do you do it? 

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