5 On Friday

I am linking up again with darciaprilchristina + natasha this week. 

I love when Mason wakes up happy. The last couple days he has not really wanted to get up, but then he is all giggles and smiles when I am getting him dressed. Makes my mommy guilt decrease a little for having to get him up in the first place.

We may have a future photographer on our hands. Every time Mason sees my big camera he says "cheese" and wants it. Instead of saying no all the time I started letting him have it and showing him how to take a photo.
He has not taken any great shots yet, but he loves trying. Maybe one day he can take my workout photos instead of me trying to do it.

I am currently trying to get next Saturday night off. I have had weekends off for a couple months and one of the Saturdays I am actually scheduled to work the regional EMS Counsel plans an awards dinner. Now this would not be a big deal any other year, but I did win Co-Communications Specialist of the year for the region.

It is pretty nice to win an award for a job you do everyday. The dinner is in Lake Placid and that just happens to be one of my favorite places :)

I have been looking into Advocare again. I feel like I do this when I get in a slump. I really want to try something new to jump start my weight loss again. I am just on the fence about the price. Could someone reading this who is a distributor email me {nutmeg0507@gmail.com}, I have some questions about the whole process and such :)

Have you tried it? Any luck with it? 

That is it for me today... I am going home early today, I have to get my workout in and bring Mason to my cousin's for the night. Happy Friday!

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Planners Make Me Happy

My favorite time of year when I was in school was back to school time when we got to go shopping for school supplies. I could live in Staples! I still love office supplies and I may buy stuff I probably don't need.

I ended up getting a discount code for an Erin Condren Planner and I jumped on it. It was still a little more than I would normally pay for a planner, but this will make me stay up to date with it and use it all of the time.

I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I saw the box on my doorstep. I opened it up and took it with me to work that night. I could not wait to start plugging all of my information and events into it. 

I paid a little extra to get the rest of 2014 included so I could use it right away. Another obsession I have is Sharpies! I have a special Sharpie holder in the house to hold all of my pens. I like to color code things and events. Notice that swimming is in blue, squad stuff is in pink, work is in purple, and running is in black. I do not follow the same pattern every month because I like to mix it up.

Stickers! Included are a whole bunch of stickers! I love stickers. These are really helpful too. They have stickers for birthdays, doctor appointments, dentist, games, concerts, and even one that says sale! There are a couple blank pages of stickers so you can make your own if you need to.

I am a person that likes to look ahead. There is a section in the planner that has two years ahead of what the planner covers.

I love the designs on the blank pages. There is also a page with a pocket in it. This is great for things that you want to keep, but do not want falling out of the planner. 

Every detail in this planner is amazing. The company puts a lot of thought into the details of the planners. It took me a while to choose the design because a lot of them are great and really cute!

These planners are a little pricey and I am not sure that I would have bought one without the discount, but they are quality planners. The planner seems durable and will definitely last me a full year.

What do you think? Do you have one? Do you use an actual planner or do you use your phone? 

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Weigh In Wednesday

Saturday I ran a 5k with Amanda and Michelle. It was a little chilly at the start of the race. When I woke up that morning it was pouring outside and I got a little nervous. The sun was trying to come out when we first arrived.
This race is hosted by the fire department. They encourage fire fighters in the area to wear their fire gear to run the race. Surprisingly there are quite a few that come in the their gear and finish the race in it. Michelle decided to be creative. She took an old fire coat and made a skirt (kilt) to run in. 
My first mile in this race was my fastest every! I did it in 9:07 - I could not believe it. I was in shock. I pushed myself, maybe a little too much. I ended up getting a couple cramps that slowed me down. I finish a little over 32 minutes, but I am still proud of myself. 
The best part of this race is the scenery. Vermont is so pretty in the fall and this small town has some nice features. 

I did this race two years ago after having Mason and walked most of it and was just happy to finish. Now I run most of the race and I feel great!  

Amanda and I went for a short walk on Monday. Neither of us were feeling the whole walk thing. I did the last day of Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred in the morning as well as a walk on the treadmill. I was feeling lazy that afternoon, but I took my walk and then I went to swimming lessons with Mason.
Mason did great at swimming! He even swam without me holding him! He had a pool noodle under his arms and he was kicking his feet and swimming! It is so amazing to see his progress :)

After swimming it was pretty nice out so we decided to rake some leaves and mow the lawn one last time. Mason was having a blast raking up the leaves or more so playing in the leaves.
Notice something? Yup I ran in the house and grabbed my big girl camera instead of using just my phone. 

I was supposed to take a rest day yesterday. I did take a rest day from the 30 Day Shred, but I ended up getting on the treadmill. I wanted to watch Once Upon a Time from the other night so I had to get on the treadmill. It is my own personal rule - if I watch any of my shows on the DVR I have to be on the treadmill.

Today I am starting Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred. I do not really remember what I am in for, but I do remember this part working on my love handles last time :)

My weight this morning was.... 176.6

I am trying to get control of my eating - much easier said than done. It is amazing how I can get back into the routine of working out, but I can't get my eating under control.

How are things going for you?

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Nice Long Weekend

How is it Monday already? I have had a nice mini vacation from work. I go back tomorrow evening so it was like 4.5 days off! 

Tim and I were very crafty this weekend. We usually decide to make things as Cristmas gifts in December. This year we decided to plan ahead and make things before it got cold. My father in law has an amazing barn with lots of woodworking tools in it, but it has no heat so it is no fun to make things in December ��
I can't show you much of this project, but I will in December. I am not sure how many family members read my blog so I don't want to ruin any surprises ��

I also made another project for Mason this weekend. 
I want to do a tutorial on this too, but there is another one next to Mason's that we made for another Christmas gift so the tutorial will have to wait a couple months. 
I want to do a tractor theme in Mason's room when we finally move. I was going to go with green and yellow, but I was vetoed by Tim. He wanted orange and blue for Kabota. 

Enough about our crafty-ness. Let's chat about how good I felt the other night. Mason went for a sleep over at Tim's parents' house so Tim and I decided to go out to dinner. I decided last minute to wear my new sweater dress with some boots. I was amazed at how much I liked it and how confident I felt! A far cry from a couple years ago when I wore a dress. 

We had a drill with the fire department and rescue squad yesterday morning. That meant waking up extra early to get my workout in. Yes I woke up at 6:30 on a Sunday to get my workout out of the way. I did the same on Saturday! 

After treating a few "patients" I was given a camera by the fire chief and told to get some photos. Twist my arm ��

It was a good drill and it was nice to see so many departments working well together. We did it at Telescope Casual Furniture... Does anyone know that name? Have any of their outdoor furniture? Great quality and it is sold all over the country. 

I have already finished day 10 of Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred today. I am excited to move on to level 3. It feels good to have a routine again and a goal / plan. 

Tomorrow I will recap my 5k from Saturday. 

How was your weekend? 


5 on Friday

Linking up with Darcy again this week :) 

I am not a big fan of fruit in my yogurt unless there are no chunks so I try to find different flavors of yogurt that don't involve fruit. I found this boston cream pie greek yogurt last week while grocery shopping. It is not bad and for 100 calories it does help with my sweet tooth. I have to say that Yoplait greek is one of the few greek yogurts I can tolerate. I like the taste. I tried Chobani years ago and did not like it at all. It took my until about a year ago to try greek yogurt again.

Tuesday I went to a new Market that just opened in my home town - Edward's Market. We did not really have time to make dinner because we had running around to do so I ordered some subs to try them out. It is in the same spot as the grocery store of the same name used to be when I was growing up. I actually grew up across the street and through a path in the fence.

The store is cute and I loved some of the products they had.

I am a big sucker for soda in glass bottles. I have not had soda since August, but I ended up buying a cream soda and making Tim share it with me.
They make their own maple cotton candy! I did not buy any, but I thought it was a cute display and a good idea.
While I was getting the photo above Mason was behind me or so I thought. I turned around and found him with an arm full of apples. He had three apples in his arms and each one had a small bite out of it. I had not planned on buying apples, but I did.

Then he found the bakery display and was waving to the cookies.

We have a farm in the county that has an ice cream shop with a cold stone and they have some delicious chocolate milk. When I saw that they carried their chocolate milk in glass jugs I had to have one. You can get your $1.50 deposit back on the jug if you return it, but I think we will keep one of theses. I love that they sell the milk in glass jugs, feels like a throwback of sorts.
We had a training at the rescue squad on Wednesday night and I had no idea what to get for dinner for everyone. I contacted one of the managers of the store and turns out they make hot dinners. I ordered a big pan of macaroni and cheese with a loaf of bread and a box of goodies. I was told it was delicious (I don't like mac and cheese so I didn't eat it). I love supporting local business and this is perfect!

We have a new favorite book in our house....
To calm Mason down at night and start relaxing for bed we now bring him into our room and turn a small light on. We all sit on the bed and Mason picks a few books for us to read. His is obsessed with the "doggy book" and he likes a monkey book too. This seems to be working well. It gets him out of the living room, away from his toys and the television. We have had good luck putting him in his crib after a couple stories.

Last week was fire prevention week so I wanted to try to get a fire truck to visit daycare. They were not able to go until yesterday and I was told the children enjoyed it. A couple of my co-workers brought the truck over and did a little classroom teaching session with the children. I was sent a few photos of it while I was at work. I was happy to help out and get a fire truck to visit the center. The toddlers in Mason's class were able to see it and so were the preschool students.

I am on a mini vacation this weekend it feels like. Today is day one of four off. Tim is off today as well, just like every Friday until December. I am proud of myself though - I still manage to get my workout in with him home. A couple years ago I would not do a workout when Tim was home.
I have gotten up the last two days and wanted to get my workout out of the way. It is hard at times, but it is worth it in the end.
Yesterday morning it was so hot and muggy outside I could not even get dressed after my shower because I was still sweating! I wore minimal makeup because my face was drenched. It was crazy! This is mid October and we slept with just the sheet and the window open the other night. I shouldn't be complaining, but geesh when the fan and the summer clothes are already taken care of it is tough to get cool. 

What do you have planned for this weekend? I have a 5k tomorrow morning and then a drill Sunday morning with the fire department and the rescue squad.

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A Treat for Nutmeg

Can you name a dog that doesn't like treats? I didn't think so. Nutmeg loves treats and we try to limit how many she has so she doesn't gain too much weight. She got a little fluffy last year so we started measuring her food and cutting back on snacks. 

When we do get her snacks we try to get some that look yummy. When I was given the opportunity to review a tasty treat for Nutmeg I was pretty excited. 
Do you know how hard it was to get her to stay seated while I was trying to get the photo. She was so happy that it was treat time.
I liked the Pedigree Stackerz because they have indents in the stick so you can easily break it into smaller pieces if you want to. This is not a big deal for Nutmeg, but for dogs (like my in-laws' pup) that eat food fast it would be a good way to slow them down a little. 
Mason loves feeding Nutmeg her meals and giving her treats so we gave him some treats to give to her.
Mason decided to try to treats as well, but he was not as big of a fan as Nutmeg. 
These treats actually look good and smell pretty good. I would not eat them, but Nutmeg seemed to enjoy them. She goes crazy when we get the bag out to get her a treat.

We seriously have the best dog in the world. She is great with Mason and she is so patient with him. Last night she even slept in his room for the night. I think that once we move him into a bed and out of the crib we will have to move Nutmeg's bed into his room. She definitely deserves lots of treats so we were happy to let her test out these snacks multiple times :)

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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