Saturday was my first race since the half marathon in June. It was actually my first time running outside since then. I have been speed walking on the treadmill with an 8% incline, but I hate running on the treadmill.
I went to this race thinking that I would do my best and enjoy it. I was not expecting much because I have not been training.

It was chilly when we got to the race and I was not about to take off my sweatshirt and just have a t-shirt on. Michelle went to the front of the pack because she is a fast runner than Amanda and me.

Amanda and I started out great. After I hit the half mile mark I started to think I could run a mile before having to speed walk for a bit. I ended up running a full 1.1 miles and then speed walking for a minute or two. My first mile was under ten minutes! It was actually 9:28! That is crazy. I felt great throughout the race so I kept pushing myself. Interesting enough my Timehop app showed me a post from last year when I had my fastest mile at 10:31 so I have improved my mile time by a minute.
I started to feel how much I pushed myself on Saturday night. I am still sore today. It was worth it though. 

Mason and I have swimming lessons this afternoon at 4. I plan on getting on the treadmill when we get home to finish watching last week's Biggest Loser episode. 

How was your weekend? 

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Weekend Thoughts

Good Morning weekend readers! We had a busy week with schedules being off so I did not get around to posting much last week. I plan on posting more this week. This is the last week of the #GYSTS14 challenge. There is a good giveaway at the end of the month so make sure you are using the hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

The winner of the iTunes gift card is.... Jacquie G (starri09)
Email me at nutmeg0507 (@) gmail.com

When did my little boy get so big? He looks like a little boy more and more everyday instead of my baby.

When I pulled into the driveway after my 5k yesterday I got a text from Tim with the photo below that said - "Better get home, Daddy's got the cutters out"
I walked in and saw this little guy in his high chair just like this. He was happy as a clam. Tim did a good job cutting his hair and we discovered we can cut his hair ourselves.

Naps are great aren't they? I ended up napping with Mason yesterday afternoon and it was a good thing I did. I ended up at work from 4pm yesterday until 5 am this morning. Mason and I laid down in my bed for naptime and I ended up falling asleep.

It is supposed to be a rainy dreary day here in NY. I plan on sleeping for a few hours this morning and then going to get Mason from my cousin. Then hopefully coming back home to spend the rest of the day inside lounging.

Have a great Sunday! Tomorrow I will recap the race that has me so sore today!

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Weigh in Wednesday - Giveaway

Scale fail this morning. I stepped on the scale and it said "batt" oops. I did not have the time to get batteries and figure that one out this morning so no weigh in from me. I have been trying to get my groove back. It is amazing how hard it is to get back into a routine, but so easy to get out of it. I am thinking about doing the 30 Day Shred again. I know it works and it usually gets me down a jean size. A friend has said she will do it with me to keep me from getting bored and stopping it.

My husband went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and he said he had gained some weight since the last time. He gained around 10 lbs, which is what I gained over the summer. Of course you can't tell he gained the weight and he doesn't seem to mind. We need to clean up our eating and start watching our portions.

How was your weigh in? Does your spouse help  you with your journey & efforts?

*Side Note*
I am wearing American Eagle's new high rise artist jeans today and they take a little while to get used to. After years of wearing pants at my hips, the button is now at my belly button. I know, odd thought, but I was thinking it so I wanted to share. :)

I am doing a giveaway this week :) It is not much, but it is a little push to get out and get active. I am giving away a $15 iTunes gift card. One of the ways to get entries is if you have been participating in my #GYSTS14. Enter below! I will announce the winner Sunday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Lazy Weekend

What a relaxing weekend we had. We had no plans so everything was just spur of the moment decisions. Saturday we spent the day at home. We got the air conditioners out of the windows and I managed to get out our winter clothes and take care of the summer clothes. All three of us even took a nap on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning we took my mom out to breakfast at a little restaurant that we both used to work at over ten years ago. The food was pretty good, but it was pricey for the area. We decided it was a good day to get our mums and pumpkins. The place we go also has homemade cider donuts that they make right there. We ended up getting some because they were making a fresh batch when we checked out.
Overall it was a great weekend. I am kind of bummed I have to work all weekend this coming weekend.

I had to day off yesterday so I did not do a blog entry. Mason and I spent the morning "drawing" (coloring) and playing with his tractors. I even put a roast in the crockpot yesterday morning. It turned out to be a delicious meal and the meat just fell apart when I was serving it. Mason even ate most of his dinner last night.

Yesterday afternoon Amanda met us for a walk on the walking path near my house. We did 4.5 miles and it felt great. Mason slept for most of the walk, but he needed a nap.

We had swimming lessons yesterday. Mason loves them. He is so happy in the water. He did pretty well yesterday, he has the kicking down he just needs to work on moving his arms. He even jumped off the edge into my arms by himself.
That face!

I am sorry, this made me laugh this morning when I saw it on Instagram!
I have a meeting after work today so I am hoping to get a workout in tonight before dinner. It makes it so much easier now to get a workout in after work because Tim gets home about 45 minutes after I do (instead of 2+ hours after.)

What is your workout plan for today or this week? 

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Random Friday Thoughts

Anyone want to work for me today? I am ready for a day off. It seems like nights I don't get home until after midnight Mason is up before 7am.

I have to work at noon today until midnight. The good news is I have a three day weekend again after I get out of work. I plan on getting a treadmill session in this morning so I can watch the season premiere of the Biggest Loser. I am not so sure about two more trainers being added to the mix, but we will see.

How is your September going? Are you still motivated and determined? 

Don't forget to use the hashtag #GYSTS14 on Instagram.

Yesterday was a rainy day which called for lounging in our pajamas in the morning.
I find these two cuddled up with each other all of the time. I am guessing when we move Mason to a big boy bed Nutmeg will no longer sleep in our bedroom at night.


Zulily is having a good Moving Comfort sale right now. I just ordered a bra for me and one for Amanda because they were half price and they had our sizes! Go check them out -- Click Here.

I may have ordered a pair of boots from Zappos the other day. One of the zippers split on my favorite pair of American Eagle boots last fall and they don't sell them anymore. :( I searched online and finally found a wide calf boot. These are cute and flat and I cannot wait to wear them this fall!

What was your last splurge?

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Weigh In Wednesday

Good Morning! I am pretty excited to show you my weigh in. I actually saw a great number compared to last week. I have been pretty good at tracking. I have missed the last few days mostly because I forget to do it. I am working on it. 

Here is my weigh in...

I did a little flex break yesterday and I am happy to see that my muscle is still there. It isn't extremely noticeable, but it it good compared to a couple years ago. 

Something cool happened yesterday at work. I am trying to do a wall sit every day for the Fit Fluential September Challenge. I decided to do it during a down time at work. After I did mine both of my co-workers decided to give it a try too! I was pretty proud that I got them to give it a try. 

The Hump Day Blog Hop

How did your weigh in go? 

Have you inspired others (coworker, friends, family, etc.) and felt pretty darn good about it? 

Don't forget to link up :) 

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Three Day Weekends

I love three day weekends. Tim has Fridays off from April through December now and it is great.

Friday was beautiful out. We decided to do some house work in the morning and then take a boat ride. Tim promised Mason another ride before we put the boat away. He loves it and he stopped trying to get his life jacket off.

 I am not sure who was more excited, Nutmeg or Mason. Nutmeg loves boat rides as well.
It was a great afternoon on the lake. After we got back we sent Mason with Tim's parents for the weekend and we were off to Lake Placid. We went up for an EMS Conference. It is basically a chance to get a bunch of education credits in a couple days. It is also in a great location.

Lake Placid is definitely a tourist town, but it is still beautiful and quaint. We like walking up and down the main street, going in and out of shops.

Saturday was kind of gloomy and rainy so we were glad we had class all day.
We ended up driving to Saranac Lake for dinner to try something different. It was a great choice. The  Downhill Grill was a nice restaurant with good food.
Between classes Ashley and I took several walks to the small parks near the hotel. It was a nice fall day and the views were great.

We had a great weekend, but I was ready to get home and see Mason. When we went to pick him up I asked if he was ready to go home and he got off the chair he was sitting in and started saying "Bye Nain!" "Bye Pops!" and headed for the door.

We watched Tangled as a family on the living room floor last night and it was perfect. Mason looked so much like a little kid with his pillow and blanket laying on his stomach instead of a baby. What a great way to end a nice weekend.

I think I made pretty good food decisions this weekend. I was tempted at time and I did not deprive myself. I made healthy choices at most meals and walked a lot.

Did you do anything interesting this weekend? 

How were your food choices? I know weekends are the hardest!

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