Waddle Wednesday - 37 Weeks

Weight gained:  When I stepped on the scale last week at the doctor I was shocked. I weighed in at 225.4 lbs! That is only 3 lbs less than what I was at when I had Mason. I swore to myself a year ago I would not let myself gain that much in my next pregnancy, but this pregnancy was different from my first and I have just been exhausted and hungry. Life happens. We shall see what we see today on the scale... eek.

Workouts: Yea right... I try to keep moving during the day and stand when I can, but it is tough to do much more because I am just ready to be done with this pregnancy. 

Symptoms:  I feel like I have dropped a little. I am having some pressure so the waddle is here at times. 
Movement: Baby Z is moving like crazy - He gets hiccups a few times a day. He is most active in the mornings when I am first waking up, around lunch time, and when I lay down for the night. 
Food Aversions: Nothing really. 

Food Cravings:  Ice Cream! Stewarts Shop's ice cream in a waffle cone with chocolate sprinkles - doesn't matter what flavor - whatever I feel like at the time. 
Sleep: I have actually been sleeping through the night and 
Maternity clothes?:  Shirts are getting so they are not as long as I would like them. I am ready to live in sweats for a couple weeks after Baby Z comes lol
Stretch marks? There are some marks on the bottom part of my belly and from my hips to my belly where I am being stretched for sure. 
Miss Anything? : Right now I miss my full bed. Tim and I are currently in twin beds in the room we have at his parents' house. Not because they wanted it that way, but because that is what was in the room so it was easier than moving those beds to put ours in there. I can do anything for a few months... I miss being able to do anything. Now people are always watching me and if I try to lift or try to do something a pregnant person shouldn't do then they say something - ugh. 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  Nothing much to report. I have a list of things I need to do in the next week or so to get ready -- install car seat bases, put car seat in my car, put hospital bag in my car, get Mason's overnight bag ready if we need it, and other things that pop into my head at night while I am trying to go to sleep. 

Baby Items Purchased:  I managed to get some newborn diapers because I realized I did not have anything under size 1. I remember Mason was in newborn size for a little while. I bought some nursing bras from Zulily and they are great. I was a little nervous because they do not allow returns. 
Looking Forward To: The hot weather to go away. I thought we were out of the 80s and next week is supposed to be in the high 80s all week. Soon hopefully! 

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Where Did the Summer Go?

What? Yes that is correct I am actually doing a non maternity update post :)

I know that there is still a couple weeks of summer, but I figured I would do a little recap today.

We have had a busy summer, but it doesn't seem like we have done a lot, we just have been on the go a lot.

In July we went to my oldest friend Christina's wedding reception. She got married in October last year in Las Vegas. It was a beautiful reception that her parents put on and the decorations were rustic and pretty at the same time.

July brought the month of packing. We knew that we had a closing date coming up, but we did not know when exactly it was going to be which made packing even harder. At the end of June we found a house that met our needs and put in an offer, turns out the seller had another offer on the table and after verbally accepting ours he decided to go with the other offer. Bummer for us, but everything happens for a reason right?

We were finally told that our closing would be the last week of July. We still did not have an actual date so we decided to be out of the house by the last Sunday of July. We were going to Maine that following Wednesday and did not want to have to rush if we were told a closing date during our vacation. Tuesday night before vacation I went over to the house and cleaned what still needed to be cleaned and packed my car full of odds and ends that had been left in the garage.
I was a little sad when I left the house, knowing that was the last night I was going to be there. Tim and I went to our lawyer's office a couple days before our vacation to sign all of the papers on our end so we did not have to go to the closing (one less piece of the puzzle to cause delay.)
Bye bye first house, first pet together, marriage, first baby, first garden now on to other things and other firsts. 

The last Wednesday of July we were off to Maine. {Later that day we got a call saying the closing was going to be on Friday afternoon while we were gone, good thing I got that place cleaned ;)}
The ride to Maine made me question ever going on vacation with a 3 year old again. Mason was awful and he did not end up falling asleep until we were only 15 minutes away from the beach house. After 24 hours of being in Maine Mason turned into a good little child. Thank. Goodness!
Maine was fun and the ride home was much nicer than the ride there. Mason fell asleep and slept most of the way home. It was nice and peaceful.

We moved in with Tim's parents right before we left for Maine. More on that in another post. August has been busy. We have been on the go getting things settled and doing things on our calendar.

Last week we spent some time on the lake. Mason loves his boat rides and begged pops to take him. He figured out how to make the boat go "faster" which made for some interesting rides throughout the week.
Mason got to play with Tim's brother's dogs Lilly & Sandie. He loves those dogs and they are so good with him. Mason has been getting really good at throwing this summer. He can throw a ball pretty far, we are still working on the the whole catching thing. He closes his eyes and just holds out his hands, it will come in time {hopefully.}

Mason has also been spending some time in my aunt's pool. If you remember from last year he did take swimming lessons for six months, it still took him a little while to get used to the pool and playing in it.
He cracks us up. He had to have the goggles on when he was standing in the water. He would also lean over the edge to just put his face in the water to test out the goggles underwater.
Tim and I have been busy with some family things going on and I am so thankful for my cousin for helping out with Mason when I need her. Mason loves going to her house to play with her 5 y/o and to go swimming in my aunt's pool. I am so glad we live close to our family.

There is our summer at a glance, some of the highlights. I am ready for fall and life to slow down a little. We have a few other things going on in our lives right now that are taking up our time, but it is something important so if life has to stall for that then that is fine.

What are some highlights from you summer so far? 

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Waddle Wednesday - 36 Weeks

Weight gained:  Doctor's appointment today so we shall see. 

Workouts: I climb a lot of stairs now. We have a second floor bedroom at Tim's Parents' house and the entry to the house from the driveway is in the basement so that is two flights of stairs to do if you forget something when you are getting ready to leave. 
Symptoms: Hip and back pain. Headaches (started this morning). I have been having problems breathing as well.  I am just ready to be done. 
Movement: He does not move as much as he used to, but he still gets the hiccups a few times a day. He moves a lot when I am getting ready to fall asleep and in the early morning. I hope this is not a foreshadowing of what is to come. 
Food Aversions: Nothing really

Food Cravings:  Sweets - not good lol
Sleep: I actually slept all night last night - it. felt. amazing. The other night I laid in bed for hours feeling wide awake trying to fall asleep. Notice the bags under my eyes? maybe they will go away before winter... 
Maternity clothes?:  Yes, but I feel like shirts are getting a little shorter. I was just thinking that I am looking forward to living in sweats and yoga pants for six weeks this fall :) 
Stretch marks? : The ones on the bottom of my belly are more visible and dark now. That is all you can really see now. 
Miss Anything? : I miss resting comfortably or doing anything without it being a chore. 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  We are having fun at the lake this week - it is hot up here in NY and we just want to stay cool.  I packed my hospital bag. I am trying to figure out what else I need to make sure is in there. I have my big bath towel -- the most important thing in my opinion. 

Baby Items Purchased:  I made a few purchases from Carter's. Mason got a bunch of new pajamas for fall and winter. Baby Z #2 got some newborn outfits because all we really had were short sleeve onesies. I picked one of the outfits and put it in my hospital bag. 
Looking Forward To: The next four weeks to fly by. I am ready to meet out new little guy. 

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Waddle Wednesday - 35 Weeks

I feel like such a slacker with my blog. It has been crazy around our house, well my in-laws' house to be more specific. We are settled in to living with them, but life has thrown us some curve balls and we are dealing with a few things right now. I really want to start blogging regularly again, the sooner the better, sometimes it feels good to write and get things out.

Weight gained:  I am now up to around 217 pounds as of my last visit. I am not sure where exactly the weight is. I am all belly and I fit into the same size in maternity. Hopefully it is not that hard to get it off after the baby comes. 

Workouts: Ummm... non existent - I walk across the field to the barn to feed our cat every other day (Tim does the other days)
Symptoms: Moody, cranky, lots of hip pain, exhausted, you name it. 
Movement:  Lots of movement  - He is usually active in the morning when I wake up around lunch and then really active when I lay down at bedtime. 
Food Aversions: Nothing really. 

Food Cravings:  Eggs & Toast. 
Sleep: Ha I wish! I am awake usually every hour to hour and a half. I get uncomfortable, my hips starts to ache, or I have to pee. I would love a two hour block of sleep on my tummy. I am not asking for much... just two hours. 
Maternity clothes?:  I would live in sweats if I could. I just want to be comfy and lounge all day. 
Stretch marks? On the bottom of my belly I have some. I am waiting for more to pop up when the baby drops. 
Miss Anything?  I miss be able to do things. I miss being able to sleep. I miss sleeping in a double bed instead of a twin bed - Yes Tim and I are currently sleeping in two twin beds in his brother's old room. I miss being more active. 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  Nothing really this week, just getting through the week. 

Baby Items Purchased:  I purchased some newborn outfits because we were told that this little guy will be around 7 lbs when he arrives so I wanted some new outfits and a going home from the hospital outfit. Carter's had a good sale so I got some good deals. 
Looking Forward To: September... I am ready to be done. 

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Waddle Wednesday - 34 Weeks

Weight gained:  Doctor's appointment is this afternoon. 

Workouts: While we were in Maine we were walking a few miles a day to the beach - One of the days we decided to drive back after walking down to the house Tim's parents were staying at, but we did walk quite a bit. 
Symptoms: HIP PAIN! Oh my goodness, what I wouldn't give for a good night's sleep with no hip pain and sleeping on my tummy. The tightness in my belly at times is annoying and painful. I am all belly it seems and things are getting tight in the womb so I am feeling every movement and awkward position this little guy gets in. 
Movement: Moving around like crazy -- usually is asleep for most of the day, but wakes when I am resting or getting ready to go to bed. He also gets the hiccups a lot like Mason used to. So every so often I will just have a rhythmic movement in my belly. 
Food Aversions:  Nothing really 

Food Cravings:  Nothing... Once in a while I will want something like right now, but not often. I get the munchies a lot, but I am trying to keep those under control. 
Sleep:  Oh sleep, how I miss you. I am up every couple hours to roll over or sooner. 
Maternity clothes?:  All the way... 
Stretch marks? : Bottom of my belly -- :( hopefully just the older ones are now more prominent. 
Miss Anything? : With the stress of selling the house and moving - I could really use a drink and some relaxation. I miss bending down! It is getting to be a hassle. 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  we had a great time in Maine :) I have an ultrasound this afternoon my mom is going to. 

Baby Items Purchased:  Nothing. Called my insurance company about getting a breast pump. My new insurance covers about half of what the last insurance did, but it is still a good chunk of change for a breast pump. I have to call back after the 17th of August to order the pump. 
Looking Forward To:  The end of the pregnancy... I am ready, this is getting cumbersome and uncomfortable. I am feeling moody lately -- a lot more than usual and I hate that feeling. 

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Some News - Why I Have Been MIA Lately

It is Monday, I am sore, and it is Monday. The good news is that when I leave work today at 4:30 I do not come back until next Tuesday morning. The nice thing with working 12 hour shifts is that I only had to take two 12 hour days off to get a week off.

So I am sorry I have only been posting the weekly updates with my pregnancy but we have had a lot going on. As most of you might remember we put our house up for sale last May. We were getting pretty discouraged and anxious when the one year mark came and went. We had about a dozen showings while it was on the market, but it just wasn't the perfect match for any of them.

Then we had a couple with a small child look at our house. They were looking for their first home and they really liked ours. We found out they put an offer in on another house - bummed - Then we received a call from our realtor and we were told that they want to withdraw the offer on the other house and make an offer on ours. They made an offer that we had said we would accept. This all happened in mid May.

We were told that it could be a while because they were getting a USDA loan - that was fine because we did not have a house to move into yet. I sent a message to the owner of a house that we looked at a year ago (for sale by owner) and told her we wanted to look at it again. She sent me a message back saying they had accepted another offer just days before! What luck we have! So back to house hunting it was for us...

I started slowly packing things we did not need and it seemed never ending! We decided to start putting things in storage (i.e. my mom's barn, Tim's brother's barn, & Tim's Parents' house). We went back and forth about building and we looked at different houses on the market. The first builder we contacted dealt with modulars, which we thought would be cheaper, gave us a quote that was way out of our range. We went back to house hunting, we ended up finding on that met what we wanted and it had a swimming pool. It was in a great location too. Turns out our bad luck was still with us and the owner accepted another offer.

Back to square one, again.
Our realtor is amazing, she suggested calling a building she knew just to get a price from him. He ended up being a great guy and had a quote that was in our range (almost $40,000 less than the modular with better quality.) We had a plot of land already in mind and he met us there to look at it. He is just one of those guys that you feel good about working with and he is easy to talk to and ask questions.

We have decided to build - Tim drew up the plans for a 3 bedroom two bath home. We are pretty excited. The land needed to be subdivided so we could close with the bank anytime after the 22nd of August. Fingers crossed it is close to that because we were given a 12 week build time-frame. We are looking at the end of November/ beginning of December as a move in time.
The last two weeks have been all about getting out of our house because the closing could be any day. Yesterday we decided to completely get out because we leave for vacation Wednesday and we did not want to have to worry about it.

Most of our stuff was out of the house already in anticipation of the closing being close. We just had our bed sets, kitchen items, and living room items. Tim's brother and Michelle came over to help lift heavy items and take loads to storage.
 Safety first... 

Our little family has officially moved in with Tim's parents. They are currently in Maine, probably a good thing because their house is a complete mess. It is so hard to pick and choose what you will need in the next few months - especially with the change of seasons. My goal for tomorrow on my day off is to pack for our trip to Maine on Wednesday and to clean the house and get things a little more organized.

We are expecting a closing sometime this week... fingers crossed it is sooner rather than late, I am ready to stop paying for electric ;)

I definitely over did it yesterday. My back and my hips hurt today. We were both dead on our feet last night.

Phew this probably should have been a two part story. I wanted to catch you all up, but I did not want to jump the gun with the announcement just in case things fell through.

In other news today is a big day! Mason turns 3 today, yes 3! How did this happen? My little buddy has a blossoming personality and definitely has his own opinions and attitude.

Hopefully I can get an update up for tomorrow :)
Happy Birthday to my wonderful little guy!

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Waddle Wednesday - 32 Weeks

This week has definitely been rough. I have been feeling pregnant and it really has not bothered me until now. I feel pregnant and it isn't even because of the heat, I am just tired and feeling "full." I think I may have lost my mucus plug a couple days ago. I think that seems a little early so hopefully it means nothing. I will be mentioning it to my doctor today. I have 8 weeks left... Mason arrived on his due date, maybe this little guy will too.

Weight gained:  We will find out today at the appointment. I am hoping I have stayed about the same. We shall see. 

Workouts: I have been active around the house and getting things done. I have definitely been moving and not sitting because we have so much going on. 
Symptoms: My feet were swollen a little the other day, but not too bad. I am having some "practice" contractions. They come and go and aren't really painful. My blood pressure has been creeping up the last few days. I have had co-workers take it a few times and Tim checks it at night. We shall see what the doctor says today. 
Movement: Lots of movement - He is definitely getting bigger. I can feel when his butt is in certain spots or when his foot is in my rib. 
Food Aversions:  Nothing really. 

Food Cravings:  Nothing -- Not a specific craving, but there are times that I just want to eat everything in sight! 
Sleep: I spoke too soon last week about sleeping well. I started sleeping like crap on Thursday night. Rolling over is a chore and just getting comfortable. I just feel like I am out of space and he is taking up some of my lung space. I am not up going to the bathroom all the time, but I do wake up a few times a night. 
Maternity clothes?:  All the way!
Stretch marks? : Seems like my old ones are more pronounced and maybe there are a few more. I do feel like I am running out of room and that more stretch marks are probably in my future. 
Miss Anything?: I would love a margarita or just to sit on a porch with a friend and have a drink. I am not a big drinker, but I do find it is relaxing at time. I miss sleeping and being comfortable. I also miss working out. 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  We are thinking about going to an amusement park on Friday with Mason. They have a kids area and a water park that Mason enjoyed last year. Nothing else is really going on this week. 
Someone told me I looked tiny for 32 weeks, I will take it :) 

Baby Items Purchased:  I found some things on Zulily that I really liked this week so I placed an order last night. I got a few nursing bras and a couple onesies and a shirt for Christmas.  I sent this photo of a onesie to Tim just because I thought it was funny and he said to order it because it is funny.

Looking Forward To: Going to Maine next week for a few days. Also I have an ultrasound at my next appointment in two weeks. 

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