My New Dress! *Discount Code*

I was contacted by EShatki a few weeks ago to see if I wanted to do a review on one of their dresses. Jess did a reveiw a little over a year ago for them and I loved her dress and thought that the company was unique. I jumped at the opportunity to try a dress from them.

What to choose though? It was sooo hard to choose just one dress. They have some beautiful dresses for all occasions. Did I want a dress or a skirt? I loved this skirt, but then I would have had to find a top so I went with the dress option. I need more dresses in my new size.

The choices were endless. If I win the lottery I will be wearing dresses everyday from eShatki!

I finally made a decision after an hour or so of looking. I wanted a dress that I could wear more often than not. I did not want something too dressy, if that makes any sense.

The sizes are shown clearly with measurements on each order page. This means you do not have to open more tabs or bounce back and forth from a sizing chart. You can also choose the custom size option if you have an odd shaped body. That is a feature that I was definitely impressed with. There are times when dresses fit great everywhere but my chest. Step 2 is selecting your height. Step 3 has two parts. The first is choosing your sleeve length. I love this! I am not sure if it is because I like watching the Duggars, but I thought of those girls with this section. They are modest and would rather have a sleeve than sleeveless and this is great for the times you find a great dress, but the neck or sleeves are not what you are looking for. 

After choosing the sleeve length/style you can choose a dress length. I chose above the knee, but I could see myself also choosing the knee length. I do not like when I order a dress and it is too short to actually wear in public. You can even remove the embroidery if you just want a plain dress. I left the embroidery and the pockets, who doesn't love a dress with pockets? 

Sooo... the only issue with the dress is that it is a tad too small right now. I wanted to order a size that I would wear for a while not wear for a month or so then have it be too big & this gives me a push to get moving! So as I mentioned yesterday I have been doing pretty good with tracking my food and getting my workouts in. I have challenged myself to fit into this dress sooner rather than later. I want to wear it before the cold weather gets here!

The material is amazing. It feels like quality and not cheap that is for sure. The embroidery on the skirt is beautiful, I like it better in person than on the computer. I am impressed with the craftsmanship and the look of the dress.

I really like that EShatki puts real woman on their site. They show customers and bloggers that have shown off their dresses. I also like that if you go to certain dresses you can see all the angles and if a blogger/customer submitted a photo it will be with it so you can see the skirt/shirt/dress on a real person.

Want to try a dress from eShatki? Get 10% off with the code rightdirection  -- They also offer free customization for your first order. I also think when you register you get a $25 coupon.

I will post a photo of me in the dress as soon as I can get it to zip :) I will fit into it!

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Weigh In Wednesday

Tomorrow marks a week of me tracking my food. I feel great. I have had some days I went over my calories, but I am human. I have been active again with my workouts and that has made a big difference. I feel better about myself, working out boosts my mood and my self confidence.

Yesterday when I did my Yoga Meltdown Mason wanted to do it with me. When I set up my camera after my workout to get a photo with my camera timer app Mason was right there wanting to get in on the photo. He was saying cheese when this photo was taken.
While I was trying to post this photo to Instagram I saw Mason positioning his toy remote in front of a toy. Then he would run over to the empty mat, strike a pose, and say cheese. Then he ran over and did it again. He was doing what I do with my camera timer and poses. This child amazes me daily with his knowledge of things. He is like a sponge. This is my favorite part of being a parent (besides the cuddles) - I love seeing his mind grow and his abilities blossom.

I love a good fitness challenge! I have been craving one to come along. Heather heard my thoughts apparently. She is doing a midsummer challenge. If you have not joined you should. All you have to do is use the hashtag on social media posts.

Time for my weigh in... When I weighed myself on Thursday morning for My Fitness Pal and I saw 175.2!!! That is the result of eating way too freely and drinking too much the last few weeks. After tracking for a week my weigh in this morning was...

I lost 2 lbs. It is motivation to keep tracking and to keep moving!

How did your weigh in this week go? Link up below with Heather, Erin, and me! We had low participation last week :( Summer is hard, but this is a great support group!


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